Look of the day: I'm chillin'

July 19, 2013 Venoma 12 Comments

Happy Friday everyone! It's not like I have too many obligations these days, I am just always happy to get together with my friends who work regular hours during the week, and then their happiness about Friday transfers to me! ^^ I'm planning on some swimming and dance trainings for the weekend (finally!). If I go out too, I'll probably drop dead on Monday, but that's just the way I love to live my life. :D I hope you are doing good and making some plans for the summer? Or you are already reading this from a sea shore? Let me know! :)

When it comes to fashion part of today's post, I got something causal but cool prepared for you today. Yes, it's an ''all black'' outfit: I combined Nowistyle blouse with  Chicnova ripped leggings and classic sneakers, all spiced up with mirrored sunnies and golden details like my new ear cuff. Enjoy the post!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: no name
Shirt: Nowistyle
Belt: NewYorker
Sneakers:  Chicnova 
Leggings: Chicnova 

Feel free to share your thoughts in comments :)

Love you,