Fashion Eye - a real fashion game for you!

September 25, 2013 Venoma 23 Comments

Hey dolls! Happy Wednesday! Today I prepared something very interesting and fresh for you! We will be looking at a brand new REAL fashion game called FASHION EYE! I've been a part of many fashion sites so far, a lot of them let you pick your favorite items or outfits in more or less the same way, but this game lets you stay trendy and have fun at the same time! It also challenges your fashion knowledge and keeps you up to date with latest trends straight from the runway!

The Fashion Eye game offers fashion lovers an interactive experience to discover fashion and prove they have an eye for fashion while playing with friends. Players can win online gift cards for leading brands and retailers and shop for favorite items they added to their "Luv List" during the game.

The Fashion Eye game consists of thousands of items that are hand-picked by in-house stylists and are constantly updated to match the latest trends.  All the items are categorized into different styles from which players can choose. As users play the game, specific styles and items are presented to fit their individual style preferences. Items are displayed in pairs and the challenge is to determine which one is more expensive in the shortest time possible.

The Fashion Eye game is based on unique technology developed by Fashioholic that "speaks" the language of fashion. Insights gained during the game are utilized to deliver users personalized styles and merchandise that fit their taste.

The Fashion Eye game is available for free on all iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.
Fashion Eye can be downloaded here for FREE ! Also, don't miss a chance to win a 50$ giftcard to some of your favorite stores by playing this game! :)

Fashioholic is already working on additional games that will be launched in the near future. You can follow them for updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Are you a fan of online fashion games? Did you play The Fashion Eye game before? For all of you who played it, I'd love to hear your impression! For all of you who didn't - try it and let me know what you think!

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  1. Thanks for intodrucing this app. I must try it!

  2. This is really cool, I like the idea!! Thanks for sharing it doll, shall look into it. Have a marvellous day xx

  3. nice idea!!thanks for sharing this post

    1. U're very welcome, hope you enjoy the game :)

  4. Auuu ovo je tako super! Navukla sam se! xD


  5. This sounds so much fun...
    I am going to check it out now..
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  6. Great app

  7. I need to download this!
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  8. must try this out!:) Make sure to check out my latest looks! :) one big kiss!


  9. i did'nt jnow about Fashion Eye
    thanks for the discovery !


    Coline ♡