September outfit recap

October 02, 2013 Venoma 9 Comments

Hey dolls! Guess what time it is? ^^ Yes, it's the beginning of October (which will probably bring us rain and fog and I'm not overly happy about it but nevermind) and that means that we have a new monthly outfit recap to do! Septembar was mostly warm except for the very end of it. It was a great month full of new experiences for me and I can only hope that October will be at least a bit similar to it. Buckle up and let's see all the September outfits, shall we? Links below every photo will lead you to the whole post! :)

Wannabe Bride Photos

Wake me up

Pin Up Doll

Sequins and Heels

Queen of Hearts

Autumn cat

Hipsta please

So what's your favorite dolls? What would you love to see/read more of in October? Also feel free to use this post to ask me any questions you'd like! :)

Love you,


  1. Love the pin up style and the bride dress is gorgeous!!!

  2. Nice recap. The second look is my favorite.


  3. I loved the Autumn Cat & Pin up look. Really gorgeous xx

  4. Perfect pics and outfits. Have a nice day.