Look of day: Floral on White

March 27, 2014 Venoma 16 Comments

When I was going home from a coffee with my friends, one of my neighbors saw me at my gate and commented: ''Summer has finally arrived to this town! You look lovely dear!'' and that made me think that what I wore that day really was something between a spring outfit and a summer outfit. Either way, a lot of white and floral will be worn in these two seasons, so I mixed them up a little. Old blouse, new skirt, favorite heart shaped clutch... And voila! Enjoy the photos!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Wholecelebshades    Bracelet: Oasap 
Skirt:  Mr.Gugu 
Blouse: no name   Bag: Carpisa   Shoes: Code

I hope you like it dolls, share your thoughts in comments, you know I love to read them!

Also one little remark, I got a few questions concerning my hair (color and haircut) and I wanted to make a few things clear - red hair is not just red colored hair, it's a way of life. When it comes to the way I cut it, my hair is ungrateful when cut too short, so unless I get a huge urge to cut it all off, it's probably going to stay this way for a while more. Also I don't like torturing my hair. I have the luxury that not many women have: I can only wash and dry my hair, sometimes even without brushing, and it'll look wonderful, I can go out like that with no further grooming. And I'd like to keep it that way, because I don't have time to pay more attention to it anyway :)

Have a lovely day!

Until my next post,


  1. I look wonderful and just spring summer ready, no wonder your neighbour complimented you..cute skirt..
    It's a blessing to have nice color and texture of hair.. :)
    Keep in touch

  2. You do look lovely! fab look, skirt is gorgeous!


  3. Bare legs= Summer! At least in my book :D
    You look lovely indeed, adore the floral print and white shoes!

  4. Nice ...Loved the freshness of colors and you look gorgeous as always !

  5. Totalno kjut darling! Mnogo mi se dopada! Keep it up!