Maturski sajam by Wannabe + video

May 23, 2014 Venoma 9 Comments

7. i 8. maja, pre nego što je sav haos počeo, obišli smo jedan divan event u šoping centru Delta city. U pitanju je bio ''Maturski sajam by Wannabe'' na kome smo videli mnogo lepih stvarčica. Pustiću slike da govore za sebe. A na kraju posta imate i jedno malo iznenađenje - video u kome Anastasija, Zorana, Lili i ja delimo nekoliko saveta o maturskim toaletama :) Uživajte!


On 7th and 8th May I attended a lovely event named ''Prom fair by Wannabe'' where I got to see so many adorable dresses and accessories. We also prepared a surprise for you at the end of this post - a video where you can see me with three more Serbian bloggers, giving few advices about what to wear for prom. Enjoy!

And the video:

I hope you liked it dolls! Leave your impressions in comments!

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  1. omg!!!how many lovely dresses and jewels..i love these earrings

  2. Bilo je bas finih stvarcica. :)

  3. That's such a nice store, amazing dresses and fantastic jewelery..
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  4. Wow, these dresses are so beautiful and stylish! How are proms in your country? Most girls here dress like prostitutes... :D

    1. Well, we got that too. Not as bad as in Bulgaria xD but it can get pretty vulgar. I don't judge them really, they are very young after all... But the problem occurs when it's their usual style, not only prom style xD

  5. Zaljubila sam se u haljinu sa chetvrte fotke :(((