4. blog birthday!

August 04, 2014 Venoma 16 Comments

Hello my lovelies! Happy Monday to you all! 

Today we are having something special on Venoma's fashion diary - we are celebrating the 4. anniversary of the existence of this blog on Internet!

God, I can't believe it's been SO long! It seems like yesterday when I published my first post (on serbian) saying:

''Hi, my name is Venoma... I am just an ordinary girl who loves to shop!... And I'm here to share all my shopping experiences with you! That's why we are here, at the beginning of something that I hope won't end any time soon.''

And guess what, it didn't end. :) I'm one of the first 5 ''fashion bloggers'' in Serbia. But after a while, another, more important reason for blogging occurred, once I turned this blog from a ''shopping blog'' to a ''personal style blog'':

''Why do you run a fashion blog?''
''Because I like to be photographed.''

And since then 'till now, the reason has stayed the same. :) I experienced a lot of judging and negativity for being ''different'' from what some people thought ''fashion bloggers'' should do and wear, but that never raised a doubt in me should I run this blog or not - I am different than other fashion bloggers. I have different style, different fashion taste, different opinions than most of them, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't run a blog, because, after all, this is a personal blog. I'm not the one who labelled it as a fashion blog! :)

And God knows how much in love I am with unusual stuff incorporated in gothic, lolita, punk-rock and pin up style. And I was always the most excited about showing you exactly those kind of posts - different! Because those were always my personal favorites. :)

A lot has happened in my blog life and also in my personal life in the past 4 years, and even tho my personal life had big influence on my blog life, I'd rather just talk about my blog life at this time.

Let's just go through some fun stuff I got to do: as I said, at first it was a shopping blog on Serbian and after a while it became a personal style blog on English, so I could connect to wider audience. I wrote to you about fun events such as Sensation white and Freak show, I reported from 5 masquaredes around the Europe, I did Crazy cat cosplay, Victorian cosplay, Lolita interpretation, full Gothic interpretation, Pin up variations... Lots and lots of super fun stuff!

I took photos at such fun places, around Belgrade and in many other towns! I visited both of our main fashion events, Fashion Week and Fashion Selection. In 2011 already I got my first feature as a blogger stylist, in 2012 I started working with sponsors and earned my first money of this blog, only 5$ at the time, but I was happy like it was 500$, believe me. In 2013 I was a part of Wannabe Bride blogger competition, I was featured on many portals and shopping sites, I started earning much more and getting invited to all sort of fun events around town.

At this point of my blogging experience, I can only tell you that I pretty much didn't buy a single garment offline in like two years. Because I don't need any. I already have too many, they can't fit in my closet! And every time when I finish with gifting some of the items to my mother, aunt and girl friends, there's always more to be put in my ''shop my closet'' area. And it is really the biggest perk of fashion blogging, besides all the fun events and meeting people. Yes, sometimes when it's -20'C or 40'C outside I have all sorts of adventures that turn into ''Survival series'' during the shooting, but that's all part of this hobby. And I do still say hobby, because fashion blogging is not and never will be my profession. But I will be here, entertaining you with my outfits for as long as I have time for it. :)

I hope you guys are enjoying it all with me. Because, no matter how personal this blog is, and as much as the main reason for me doing all this is ''for my personal pleasure'', I love hearing your feedback and making some of your ideas and wishes come true. I'm happy to have you beloved readers!

And I wanted to add, you can always contact me and ask me anything. I will answer as soon as I see it. For more info on my life, you can follow me on Instagram to get a sneak peek of what my life looks like when it's not all ''fashion'' or Twitter (in serbian) where is gets much (and I mean much xD ) more fun at times. Now have some virtual cupcakes and champagne ;) Love you all so much! :)

Until my next post,


  1. Congratulations on your 4th anniversary!!!! & would you like to follow each other via GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin?
    Lemme know & keep in touch!


  2. Srećan srećan srećan :))))

  3. Replies
    1. Naravno da je super, pa i ti si na slikama ;) Hvala puno! <3 <3

  4. Tako je u Srbiji, cim se odstupa od uniformisanosti odmah se to smatra kao nesto negativno. Po meni je unikatnost za svaku pohvalu, a samim tim I tvoj blog! Cmok I zelim ti jos mnogo blogorodjendana. :P ♡♥

  5. congrarts for 4 successful years of blogging ..
    just loved the way you described blogging , so crisp and clear
    ieven i never evr think if i should continue or not , i likeit i do it
    u have such amazing taste ans experiment a lot which i love
    all the best for the comming years , may god give you a lot more success
    keep in touch

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Pooja! <3

  6. congrats and happy bday to your blog...

  7. Suuupeeer post V.! Congrats girl :**** <3