Look of the day: Ripped jeans + Tidestore sneakers

September 05, 2014 Venoma 10 Comments

Hello dolls, happy Friday! 

Lately I figured out that the Universe has two kinds of plans for me:
 Plan no.1: give her free time and nothing to do.
Plan no.2:  let's drop everything on her head in matter of days and let's she is she's gonna make it alive!
And pretty much plan no. 2 is in motion right now. I don't know what am I doing, where am I going or when is it all going to end. But not in the next two weeks probably. Hopefully I'll survive this time too!

Enjoy the post in the meantime. One of my casual combos for everyday is on today's schedule. It's a bit more sporty, in the spirit of my upcoming dance season. And I'm happy to show you my new sports bag from Hoodboyz that is going to make my life a whole lot easier in the upcoming months of trainings.

I am wearing:

Necklace: DX Mall
Jeans: Romwe
Bag: Hoodboyz
Sneakers: Tidestore 

Until my next post,


  1. Ne znam sta mi je bolje, patike ili farke. :)

  2. this is what happens with me too, one time i have no work and next i have a big sack of work on my head
    u look cool
    nice jeans and the tee with wings is so pretty
    keep in touch

  3. Patke su mi favorit!!


  4. i love that jeans!

    Coline ♥

  5. Super kombinacija, baš mi se sviđa :))