Heart Shaped Glasses

December 22, 2014 Venoma 13 Comments

Another Monday is here and I wish you all a lovely week ahead! Mine is going to be messy, I am alone in the office until next Monday and I can only hope to survive that in one piece. It's around 10'C in Belgrade and it feels like spring. I would love it if it would be like that during the whole winter. The coat you can see on me today is ideal for this weather and I enjoy wearing it.

You know I love to play with my outfits and add unusual details to them. Today that detail is a pair of heart shaped glasses. I always wanted a pair of these, they waited on my shopping list for a very long time and now they're finally here! Another one of my autumn favorites is this fluffy sweater! I am a sucker for fluffy things just like that girl from ''Despicable me''. Hope you like it!

I am wearing:

Sunnies: Oasap 
Coat: Romwe     Necklace: FoyMall
Sweater: Oasap Bag: Tidestore 
Jeans: NewYorker
Sneakers: Oasap 

What do you think dolls? Let me know!

Until my next post,


  1. hi dear, funny sunglasses..
    i like your sweater

  2. mnogo mi se svidja kaputuc, veh je! kiss


  3. Volim taj kaput! I dzemper je woooow, htela i ja da naruchim :)

  4. Cute outfit! I love your coat! I have one similar but you were it so good!

  5. Oh man, who the fuck was the evil mastermind behind this plan of you staying at the office whole week? Don't they know it's fucking CHRISTMAS! Jeez! Still, you're a hardcore lady! I love the top combined with the spectacular coat ^_^

    1. My collogue and boss in a way. SHE TOOK A VACATION! And the hell went lose on my head. Still don't know how will I survive it. Tnx for the love dear!

  6. Kako je super džemperić! Strava post!