Kitten + New mascara + New promo

March 16, 2015 Venoma 14 Comments

Hello my lovelies and happy another Monday to you!

I was supposed to spend this weekend with my books, but so it happened that I gave up on that somewhere on Saturday at 1 am when I decided to go out. And I did go out and had a great time. And a complete restaurant lunch around 4 am in one of Belgrade's 24/7 hotels. I almost ended up on a morning coffee too deep in the Sunday morning, but I had some obligations so I decided to catch a morning bus home So it happened that the bus I was waiting for ran straight into a lamppost for no reason at all somewhere around 6 am in the daylight right in front of me, so eventually I took a cab home. Hell of a night in Belgrade!

Usual Monday outfit post is up, fitting somewhere between winter and spring. Some of my favorite trends are incorporated - cape, stars, small and edgy clutch and let's not forget my favorite over-the-knee boots! As you will see, out good friend black cat from down the street (you might remember her from Tassel outfit) joined us once again for out shooting. Enjoy!

I am wearing:

Cape: Oasap   
Ring: Ana Jeffrey     Sunnies: Wholecelebshades
Sweater: Babassu     Bag: YesFor
Jeans: NewYorker    Boots: NewYorker

Also I'd like to mention that Maybelline surprised me with a supercute gift last week:

It's a Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, it gives nice and long lashes, you guys should try it out!

They have some amazing discounts waiting for you!

Share your thoughts dolls!

Lots of love,


  1. thats a super fun sweater, loved the sweater over it
    Keep in touch

  2. Kako ti dobro stoje te cizmice!!

  3. Volim taj dzemper! Clutch je super! :)

  4. Oh boy, your public transport is as crappy as ours, this is somewhat a relief for me! :D
    Aaaw, kitty is so cutesy, goes with your cape too! :D

    1. Yes it does! xD Public transporation is hell as it is, but that morning it was extra special bus crash xD

  5. Love this top doll, it's gorgeous!! Public transportation is never fun!! xx

  6. Wau prelape si mnogo kao i outfit!! :)