What Does the Fox Say

April 06, 2015 Venoma 13 Comments

You have no idea how crazy weather is around here. I don't expect you to believe me that we had snow and sun last week, not only in the same day, but also at the same time! That made me pull out so many items out of my closet and I started matching some new outfits incorporating some spring trends, but still keeping myself warm. BTW, nobody is happier that flare jeans are super trendy this spring than me! ^^

In the meantime I'm watching ''So you think you can dance'' like I'm addicted to it. Also I'm working, dancing, not studying, trying to make it out alive day after day. And I had my first Eastern yesterday and the second one is coming soon too. I came to a conclusion that I actually love my life to be a bit complicated. Hopefully, in a good way. Enjoy the post!


Što se tiče oblačenja prema vremenskim prilikama, to polako postaje neizvodljivo. Prošle nedelje smo imali i sunce i sneg u istom danu! Počela sam da se oblačim slojevito, ali zaista. Proleće dolazi, ali ja još uvek furam trenč kaput. Srećna sam i što se zvoncare vraćaju na scenu u narednim sezonama. Uživajte u postu!

I'm wearing:

Necklace: Oasap   
Trench: Sheinside    Blouse: YesFor
Jeans: NewYorker  Boots: Oasap

Share your thoughts dolls! 

Lots of love,


  1. This outfit is perfect!
    Happy Easter!
    Angela Donava

  2. Predivnoca! Kakva torbica! :D :D

  3. the bag is super duper cool
    Happy Easter

  4. The Bag looks adorable :)
    Also love your Trench and Shirt ,what a fantastic Outfit!


  5. Great looking outfit!! Cute purse! :)

  6. Super look! Prugice i ogrlica <3

  7. Awesome bag, awesome necklace and great outfit!