Pool time

June 29, 2015 Venoma 12 Comments

Four years of blogging and I never actually posted photos of myself just in swimwear. It's not that I don't think swimsuits are important as seasonal clothes. Or that I feel uncomfortable with my body. I just simply go to pool and beach to swim and tan, not to take pics! But soon as blogosphere is overflowed with women using one piece swimsuit as a top, I figured I could do something similar. This is my idea of a getting to the pool outfit. I hope you'll enjoy it!

P.S. I got curves (in case you didn't notice before :D ) and I honestly believe that some clothes fit better to curvy women. I don't think showing off curves (if you are blessed with them) is inappropriate or vulgar in any way. All women are beautiful and there is no ''ideal'' image that should be telling them otherwise.


Četiri godine blogovanja imam iza sebe, i nijednu fotku sebe u kupaćem kostimu na blogu. Nije da ne mislim da su kupaći kostimi relevantni sezonski komadi ili da se ne osećam komotno u sopstvenom telu. Stvar je u tome što ja na bazen i more uglavnom idem da se kupam i sunčam, a ne da se slikam! Ono što me je obradovalo ovog leta je što sve više blogerski slika kupaći kostim kao top. Ovom prilikom sam rešila da im se pridružim u tome i nadam se da će vam se ovaj koncept svideti!

P.S. ja sam ''devojka sa oblinama'' (ako slučajno niste primetili :D ) i vodim se filozofijom da svaka žena treba da nosi ono što joj se dopada bez obzira na obline ili nedostatak istih. Ne smatram da žene sa oblinama treba da se ''pokrivaju'' jer mogu biti okarakterisane kao vulgarne od strane dušebrižnika. Svako žensko telo je lepo i svaka žena treba da voli svoje telo i na njega oblači šta ona želi.

I am wearing:

Top: Front Row Shop   Swimsuit: Dresslink 
Sunnies: Wholecelebshades   Shorts: Beste shop
Bag: Dresslink   Sneakers: Oasap

What type of swimwear are you wearing this summer huns? Share your thoughts on that and my outfit!

Until my next post,


  1. Very nice!! That top is fabulous!! You look amazing and love your curves!! :)

  2. cool pics girl, i love the tassel bag

  3. I think particular clothes look much better on women with curves too, they just stand more natural and sexy!
    Love this pool? outfit :D The top is perfect breezy summer wear! Yeah, I like to bake under the sun without constantly thinking who's gonna steal my camera.

    1. EXACTLY. I go crazy about my stuff and then I can't enjoy the pool!

  4. Love your top<3 it will look super cute as a coverup thanks for sharing
    follow for follow?:)


  5. You look amazing! Nice photos!

    Would you like to follow each other? let me know and I follow you back)