Soufeel jewelry review vol.3

July 24, 2015 Venoma 6 Comments

Hello lovelies! If you read my blog in the last few months you might have noticed that I have a few new favorite pieces of jewelry all coming from one store - SoufeelWell, I love their products so much that I decided to do another review for them! This time I will be sharing with you my experience with a brand new bracelet - a bangle this time around and set of 5 pedants, more fun than ever. But I would also love to share with you the exact look of the package I receive to show you how safe they keep their shipping. I hope you lovelies will love it and find it useful!

Here's a little something what you should know about Soufeel: Their jewelry is made out of 925 sterling silver and colored gems. They offer many bracelet designs and over 500 charms designs as well. It was so hard for me (again!) to pick my favorite five out of so many cute little charms! You can pick also your own bracelet size to make sure it fits. They offer free shipping on orders over 50$ and 365 days return.

 The whole package is sent in a big Soufeel cardboard box, while inside your actual jewelry box is packed within another package with bubble wrap on the inside and a Soufeel gift bag. Jewelry box with a blue bow is the cutest. Inside you can find all your charms individually wrapped as well as your bracelet and a piece of fabric for cleaning! Soufeel thinks of everything when it comes to packaging.

The bracelet I chose this time makes it all even more glamours - this bangle keeps it more elegant than regular bracelet. All five charms I chose are very special to me - two heart for two people I love the most, one suitcase for my love of travel, one camera charm for my love for photography and one ''august'' charm, charm of the month of my birth!

Bracelet: Soufeel   Charms: Soufeel 

P.S. aSoufeel they provide free shipping and 365-day return service, so that you can enjoy a risk-free shopping experience there! Here is an extra 5% off coupon code: BLOG5, with which you can 
save extra 5% on any orders.

What do you think about bracelets with charms lovelies? Did you know about Soufeel before? Do you like my choice of charms? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Amazing collection!!!

  2. They are gorgeous, and it's a lovely choice. Subtle so you can wear it everyday. :)
    I have in my Drafts a post about charm bracelets and online stores(for months now) and Soufeel is one of my favorites since they are made out of silver...

  3. Srcasti privesci su preslatki!

  4. Beautiful, the charms are so pretty

  5. Divna narukvica, mnogo mi se dopadaju novi privesci :)