How to pick a wedding dress that fits your body shape

September 05, 2015 Venoma 4 Comments

Hello my dolls! How is your day going? I hope summer is less intense there where you are! Today we will be checking out an interesting topic connected to online shopping in a way. It's more about tips and tricks to be honest. We will try to get in on how to pick a perfect wedding dress that fits your body shape!

Many girls here where I am from are already expecting when they are about to get married and therefore they are pretty limited when it comes to picking a wedding dress. To any woman that is expecting I would suggest a simple A-line type of wedding dress that starts spreading right under her breasts. Also materials should not be as heavy as they can, so she could feel more comfortable in it.

When it comes to women who aren't expecting on their wedding and all other wedding dresses australia, there are so many to choose from depending on the body type. For example, a perfect fit also depends on the size of your breast. Women with larger bra sizes usually go for wedding dresses with straps, turtle necks or similar V-necklines. It flatters them much more than a sweetheart or strapless designs that are far more suitable for girls with smaller bra sizes. Also, if you fancy open back wedding dresses, there are special bras you can use for that, but it is recommended for you not to wear it if your bra size is B or more. 

For any cover you might want in case of extra fat on your tummy, that problem is solved very easily with the right high cut of the dress or material layering in the critical area. Mermaid style wedding dresses, for example, mostly fit only model-like women that a tiny waist. You can check out all styles of wedding dresses on

What do you think about today's post dolls? How do you want your wedding dress to be? Share your thoughts! 

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