Laid back

September 14, 2015 Venoma 15 Comments

Today is one of those days where I want to stay comfortable. Flip-flops and loose pants are always a great ''lazy look'' idea, but you can glam it up with some accessories and red lipstick. Autumn might be near but it's still 35'C around here and even this is too much clothes. I'm hoping to go back to my trench coat and autumn trends soon, but we are still summery right now. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the post!


Danas je jedan od onih dana kada mi je udobnost na prvom mestu. Japanke i palazzo pantalone su uvek sjajna ideja za jedan ''lazy look''. Možete dodati dašak glamura ovakvoj odevnoj kombinaciji uz pomoć odabranih aksesoara i crvenog karmina. Jesen je blizu, a temperature su i dalje letnje, što me raduje. Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:
Sunnies: Dressin   Necklace: Wholesalebuying 
Top: H&M   Bag: Ladyqueen 
Bracelet: Soufeel 
Pants: Lovelywholesale 
Flip-flops: Adidas

What do you wear when you are having a day off? Share your thoughts dolls! P.S. use BLOG5 code to get 5% off anything on Soufeel!

Lots of love,