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October 05, 2015 Venoma 12 Comments

Hello pumpkins! I hope you are having a lovely Monday so far! Today I'm going for a totally autumn-ish look with a trench coat and my favorite and oldest vintage little black dress. The scarf trend is something that I also embraced this season, but this one came in one of my packages without me ordering it. Soon as I get a lot of packages every month, I must admit I'm not sure from what store did this one come from. What can I say, fashion blogger problems!

In the meantime, I'll finally get a place to wear all my special occasion dresses next year! I got invited to more than five weddings, so I might even order some more dresses! xD Enjoy my outfit huns!


Zdravo dragi moji! Danas istražujem načine nošenja trenč kaputa tako što ga kombinujem sa vintage malom crnom haljinom. Ovu haljinu sam nasledila, ko zna koliko godina je stara, ali znam da je nošena sa zadovoljstvom kroz svoju istoriju. Šal je detalj koji planiram da više koristim u svojim odevnim kombinavijama ove jeseni. Svileni šal koji vidite u današnjem postu mi je stigao nenaručeno u nekom od sponzorisanih paketa. Pokušala sam da se setim od koga, ali nisam uspela. Šta da vam kažem, blogerski problemi! :) Uživajte u postu!

I am wearing:
Trench: SheIn  Sunnies: Dressin
Dress: vintage
Bag: Wholesalebuying
Shoes: SheIn

Lipstick: Aura Absolute Matte   Hair: Češalj&Makaze
Lots of love,


  1. Your outfit is so chic! Love how you combine pieces and such combination of colors! Great style!
    And I also Impressed by your beautiful photos and interesting posts!

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Predivna haljinica! Super post!

  3. Gorgeous! Love your hairstyle! :)

  4. Jako lepa ti i jako lepa kombinacija :)

  5. Hahahah, fashiion blogger problems indeed. I have trouble photographing everything in time, if I receive something from sponsors, which is such a first world problem :D
    I am dying over this fiery hairdo of yours, the lace up heels are oh la la, delicious O_O