Emblem Eyewear Sunglasses Review

February 05, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

Hi fashionistas! I had a lot of fun exploring new sunglasses trends for upcoming spring/summer 2016 and I found everything I was searching for at Emblem EyewearEmblem Eyewear is a store always taking care of having the trendiest eyewear both when it comes to sunglasses and regular glasses!

Womens Trendy Retro Unique Cat Eye Sunglasses
A beautiful black-pink pair with stripes was one of my first picks. It just makes me feel super special!

Retro Fashion Half Frame Flash Mirror Clubmaster Wayfarer Sunglasses
Second pair was a pair of mirrrored sunglasses with the trendiest design. You will be seeing it around in my outfit posts, so stay tuned about it!

Cute Tortoise Brown Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses
And the third addition to my Emblem Eyewear picks is a leopard print pair that will fit perfectly into my everyday life. I am wearing them around whole week!

I hope you liked my picks lovelies! I am very satisfied with the quality and fast delivery. This is my second review of their eyewear and I must admit that the old set of sunnies has also proven to be high quality and long lasting. If you are interesting in finding something similar for yourself, you can see more at Emblem Eyewear. Share your thoughts!

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  1. all theses sunglasses are so nice

  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  3. Great post, these glasses look so cool. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria