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June 03, 2016 Venoma 1 Comments

Hello my darlings! It is the end of the week which means that my mood, and I hope yours too, is getting better soon as Friday is here! I want to make this day better for you with my new post where I will be taking a break from our usual chat about fashion trends, dresses and accessories, and deal with another trendy topic I know you lovelies love to read about on my blog. 

Today I will present you with a new online place where you can get wholesale hair as well as hair products for individuals - Tedhair! They deal with hair trading and manufacturing, which means they are there to help no matter if you need individual products or you have a plan of developing your own beauty business. They provide hair extensions of high quality to individuals, online stores, hair and beauty salons, distributors, wholesalers and so on. Wholesale brazilian hair that they sell among malaysian, peruvian and indian is of top quality.

High quality wholesale clip in hair at appropriate price is hard to find these days. Here you get a specail option that if you can't choose your color or similar color to the color of your hair out of the colors offered on their site, you can send them an image of your hair and they can help you pick a product in exactly your shade so the chances of error are minimized.

If you are looking for a wholesale lace closure, Tedhair also has you covered. The good thing is that their aftersale service is there for you for any additional questions or help you might need in order to take care of your bought hair in the right way so it can stay in a good shape and last a long time.

They also have at the moment a very special promotion due to their third year anniversary that happens to be right now. It's all about getting a discount - 10$ off your first order! What a lovely time to introduce yourself to some of their products and get a discount as well! It might be a great moment for you to think about your own wholesale wigs. Promotion will last for a week so you have time to pick out something perfect for yourself, but hurry up so you don't miss it.

What do you think about this store lovelies? Did you already get yourself some hair extensions? What kind of hair do you prefer? Let me know!

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