Dresstells Homecoming Dresses 2016

July 27, 2016 Venoma 3 Comments

Hi babes! How are my cupcakes doing? Are you having a great Wednesday as much as I am? I hope you are! It's time for another one of my online shopping posts and today we will be discussing something I know all you dolls love to read about -  homecoming dresses and where to find them at the best price with the best quality! So buckle up, we have a lot of browsing and discussing to do!

Homecoming is something we unfortunately don't have here where I live but is such a popular dress up event in so many countries that I visited, that I decided to mention it on my blog. It is very hard to find a suitable homecoming dress that is just the way they imagined it plus it's affordable enough for these girls to buy them. Girls prepare themselves for homecoming just like girls here often prepare for prom night ior graduation evening. It's all about flashy cocktail dresses that celebrate all their beauty and youth.

Today I will present to you Dresstells store - www.dresstells.com where you can find all relevant trends for long homecoming dresses. I picked out some of my favorites for you as you can see on the pictures in this post. They keep up with the latest trends in all sort of dress-up events fashion, because at the same time they offer fashionable dresses of good quality at the most reasonable price. They also offer quite a few homecoming dresses under 100$.

Let me know what is your favorite when it comes to the types of elegant homecoming dresses? Do you like the nude shades of the dresses I picked out? Would you prefer blue or pink? Share your thoughts dolls!

Lots of love,


  1. Hi Venoma- Have you ordered any dresses from Dress Tells? I'm thinking of ordering my wedding dress from them so am doing some research to be sure it will be a good quality, you hear a lot of horror stories! Thanks!

    1. Hey Georgia, no I did not order any, this is a promotional post only.
      Have a good one!