Here Is Why to Rejoice If You Are Single In the Summer

July 19, 2016 Venoma 2 Comments

Are you single and the summer is in full bloom? Don't get sad, rejoice! Being single in the hot season is the best thing you can wish for. Being single is already a great status, but if it's summer, it's even better, as long as you know how to enjoy this status. You may think being single is a burden, but it will help you get to know yourself, which is very important, especially when you want to start another relationship. To help you ditch the misconceptions, here are some legit reasons on why being single in the summer is amazing.

You can get out and have fun

Have you ever had sexy time on the beach? If not, being single in the summer is your own call to action: get out there, enjoy the sun and find a friend. Beaches are full of prospective partners, so being single on the beach can bring you a date. Or multiple, in some cases. And if you are already on a date, you might need just the right outfit you can find on

Solo traveling is amazing

Summer is the season of holidays and nothing can be more delightful than traveling solo. It may not sound great at all right now, but once you are out there, on the road, you will learn a lot about yourself and you will grow on personal level like never before. Solo traveling has the power of bringing out skills you never knew you had, so try it the next time you are single in the summer. Also you get a chance to pick your own unique handbags you can put all your goodies in! 

You can rock summer activities

Alone in summer? No problem, just go snorkeling! Summer is full of opportunities when it comes to taking up new activities, so explore them. Sailing, diving, beach sports and more are simply waiting for you to try them. The benefit of these is you can easily meet new people and make new friends. At the end of the summer, you might have a new friend or a new lover.

Summer flings are hot!

If you are single in the summer you are the perfect candidate for a summer fling. This is sexy and exciting, no matter if you are going to continue the relationship after the summer ends or you will simply go on separate roads. On so many dates you will get a chance to try on all your summer dresses as well! A great thing about summer flings is they come with no strings attached. There is no drama, no constraints and no problems associated with these relationships, which make them perfect for someone who is not yet ready to commit to a full time relationship, regardless the reasons.

You have the entire bed only for yourself and more

On the other hand, being single in the summer is great because you don't have to share the bed with another sweaty person. You have the entire bed for yourself, you have full control over the AC remote and you are free to do whatever you want. You can spend your nights dancing with the headphones on; you can eat as much ice-cream you wish to, without having anyone criticize you and your bad habits. Bottom all, being single in the summer is great!


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  2. What a great post, I enjoyed reading it. :)
    I have a family and all that, but sometimes I miss the days when I was single. Of all those activites, I think I would enjoy taveling solo as a single person the most.
    Xoxo, Victoria