TimelessHA Skin Care

September 06, 2016 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my beloved fashionistas! I hope you are having a lovely day! Summer is almost over and autumn is coming up, which means only one thing - our skin is again thirsty for something that will recover it from the sun and other influences of the summer. Also our skin might need some extra care and protection for upcoming autumn days, wind and cold weather in general. That is why I will today present you with a store that can offer you a range of products that can assist your skin to get in the best shape ever.

Today we will be talking about TimelessHA, a skin care company that is specialized in all natural paraben free vitamin c serums and also pure concentrations that can help your skin to heal or simply stay healthy. Their products are also anti-aging and striving to timelessness. Important is for me to mention as well is that none of their products are tested on animals. Their line of products consists of serums, pure oils, refill formulas and facial creams. All of these products are made with a simple list of not harsh ingredients that can help you achieve and keep your beauty and youth. Make sure to check out their vitamin c serum and also their hyarulonic acid serum, they seem to be the most popular products on their website and customers really love these.

Shipping goes very fast in the USA, while they also ship internationally for an additional fee per products, but the good thing is, you can order from anywhere in the world and expect your package to arrive within two to four weeks. Also they offer 30 days return with full refund.

Tell me what do you think about these products dolls, you know I love to hear your opinion!

Lots of love,