Japan Candy Box Unboxing and GIVEAWAY

December 22, 2016 Venoma 4 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I will be opening up with you today a brand new Japan Candy Box! If you didn't hear about it so far, Japan Candy Box is a box full of candy and snacks from Japan ready to come to your doorstep every month! Every month 8-10 hand picked candies are put in Japan Candy Box. There are plenty of fun items in it and we'll go straight to unboxing!

As you can see, you can watch a video, or just scroll down below!

First of all there are two small candies. First, Yaokin Christmas Chocolate stick so called delicious stick with chocolate on the outside. So light, I could eat a thousand! Then there is Yaokin Christmas Corn Potage Snack Stick - so puffy!

Moving on to Hi-Chew Chewy Candy with the flavor of white soda - feels like chewing gum at first but then it becomes softer and softer! Very interesting taste that is juicer and fruitier than usual candies of this sort. Fujiya Matcha Candy Box is filled with 7 wrapped candies that are having a flavor of milk and matcha making this tasting an unique experience for me.

Let's mention some of my favorites when it comes to gummy candy - Puruta Pompompurin Pudding Gummies are also a new experience for me. They look like small lava cakes and taste like pudding! Packaging is also amazing, keeps your candy fresh so you don't have to eat it all at once!

Also one of my favorites - Lotte Koala March Strawberry Biscuits - adorable little koala shaped biscuits with strawberry filling that is so sweet! And there are so many different koalas! I love this candy!

There is also Fujiya Anpanman Chocolate Lollipop that I gave to one of my siblings and he loved it! Fujiya Anpanman Milk Biscuits taste like sweet milk and I also gave them to my younger siblings - they loved the little anime characters on them!  Also this Japan Candy Box contained two small sets of biscuits. Morinaga Tsum Tsum Chocolate Biscuits are really adoring - they have Tsum Tsum Disney characters on them and super sweet chocolate filling.

And best for last - my favorite candy Meiji Mushroom Mountain DIY kit! What a pleasant surprise! It's the best DIY candy kit I ever saw actually. It has three flavors from which you can make candy tops of mushroom and the other parts are sweet biscuits. They fit so lovely together and make perfect mushroom shaped candy!

And the best part is coming up - a giveaway is here where you can win your own Japan Candy Box! Enter below!

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  1. everything looks so cute
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  2. I want that!

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  3. Awesome.everything looks so yummy.my teen girls love Japanese snacks and candy from all over too it's a great way for ur kids to write essays for school project. and to learn about other cultures would love to try ty for the chance keep on postin