Know Before You Buy Online: The 411 on Silver Rings

January 25, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

There aren’t many pieces of jewellery you can wear, comfortably, on a daily basis. But one such item, one classic, traditional and timeless is a sterling silver ring. In general, silver is considered as the world’s most versatile and complementary jewellery metal. Silver jewellery is wonderful when found in earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, and, of course, rings. A silver band or silver ring will go with everything you wear (or don’t wear). It’s comfortable, comforting and given as a gift is considered a token of affection, admiration, thanks, celebration, love, friendship, family and congratulations. A silver ring is also a most excellent gift for yourself. After all, you know yourself best and know what you like, what you’ll wear (or not ever take off). You know what you find easy-to-wear, flattering to your skin tone.

Some of the best deals on silver jewellery can be found online and it’s a great resource when you’re looking to buy quality items at reasonable rates. But, like any product, it’s critical you know what to look for, and what you should consider when buying a silver ring online. Check out the substantial collection of silver rings from Silver by Mail and you’ll find so many rings to choose from, you’re likely to want more than one.

The 411 on Silver

When buying silver, you should know some basic facts. Sterling silver is generally marked or stamped either “sterling” or “sterling silver” or even, “solid silver,” or, most often, “925” or 92.5 or .925 (meaning 92.5% -- the amount of pure silver in the metal; silver is very soft and to make it malleable and durable and feasible as a jewellery metal, 7.5% of a metal alloy – usually copper -- is added). Always check for the designation that you’re buying actual silver. Next, you want to be sure you choose a reputable dealer (such as the one mentioned in the previous paragraph). Examine the craftsmanship and be sure that not only is everything finely made, but any “moving parts” work well and have the distinction of a mark of durability.

Safety Tips for Online Shopping

·         Reputation: Know the website on which you are considering a purchase. Make sure it is a valid, trusted source. Do web research. Make sure you are on the shop’s or company’s actual site and not some similarly named site which will trick you into giving up your information.

·         Super Security: When you’re buying online, you have to, at some point, enter your payment method and provide all kinds of information proving you are who you are and that the card (common payment method) is yours. This protects the company. Now, to protect yourself, you must be sure that you never enter your credit card or personal information on a site that is not using an SSL, which stands for secure sockets layer. Look at the URL and you should see “https:” instead of only “http:”

·         Giving it Up: Only fill in online forms with information in the “boxes” that are noted as mandatory and essential. Putting in unnecessary information will only give ammunition to potential hackers.

·         Well Stated: Become familiar with your bank’s online presence and website. Register and use it to monitor your statements. Check your checking, savings, credit card and debit card accounts and make sure that any noted payments are your own. If you see something unfamiliar, get in touch with your bank as soon as possible.

·         Use Protection: Consult with a techie to be sure you have software that will protect you from hackers. When coming up with passwords, don’t use the same one repeatedly, and be sure you use strong passwords. Use your own devices – laptop, notebook, smart phone, iPad, etc. Avoid using public computers.

With the points and tips discussed, you can surely purchase silver rings online without any worries.