Vegas showgirl looks – Fashion inspiration

January 12, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! It might be winter, but I got something super warming ready for you today on my blog. Among all the fur coats, trendy sweaters and over the knee boots, there is a certain sphere of fashion that I neglected lately on Venoma Fashion Freak and I would love to pay more attention to.

Today we will be chatting about costumes and general fashion you can see when it comes to Vegas showgirls. What inspired me to write about this topic is a brand of games M88 . I found many interesting ideas about Vegas showgirl looks in these games. I am a big fan of playing Vegas related games and I can suggest to all of you who don’t live in Vegas to try them out. They give me exactly the same thrill as if I was really there in Vegas, among all those lights, colorful machines and glamorous people. It’s so exciting!

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 I personally find Vegas showgirl looks to be very inspiring. They have a long and very interesting history and so do their outfits. From something very provocative back in the 50s to true pieces of art nowadays, their outfits were always a true eye-catcher both to art and dance experts to common people who just came to enjoy the show.

If you didn’t know, Las Vegas showgirls are true professional preforming artists and their outfits are a part of their art. They are super fit and tall, together with wearing heels in all of their shows. They are masters of quick changing – they change from six to eight of those adorable sparkly costumes during a single show. What is more amazing is that all those wings, feathers and glitz usually weight around 20-30 pounds!

I picked out some of my favorite Vegas showgirl looks for you. You can see them on the photos in this blog and I hope you will enjoy them and their diversity as much as I did while I was browsing through so many different Vegas showgirl costumes. Vegas showgirls are wearing some of the jewels of costumography and fashion designs. I tend to be particularly in love with their head pieces that for me look like something between a magnificent tiara and a live peacock with a lot of glitter on it. And the best part is, those girls rock all of their outfits like pros that they are!

Let me know what do you think about Vegas showgirls and their magnificent costumes. I’d love to hear your opinion on this topic!
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