3 Tips to Keeping Your Shoes Looking New

May 14, 2017 Venoma 1 Comments

Finding the perfect shoes will always be a top priority. But making them last is another thing.
Fret not! You do not need to hire someone to make your shoes as polished and as looking good as if they were new again. There are tools you can use or tips you can apply on it to keep them looking new.

Check out these three tips to make your shoes looking brand new as ever.

1. Make use of special cleaning techniques for different kinds of shoes.

Let’s start with sneakers. Dish soap or a laundry detergent can do the trick. Mix it with water and then make it as your solution using a small brush. For stains, you might want to use a shampoo to remove them.

Meanwhile, cleaning suede is way different. You may buy a specially formulated cleaner or just use white vinegar. Gently apply white vinegar using a brush then dry off the shoes with a cloth.
Maintaining the brand new look of a leather shoes can be done with a toothpaste. Use a toothbrush to scrub the shoes and wipe it off with a damp rag. You can also wipe it with shoe polish which can make the leather shinier.

2. Use a shoe stretcher.

Even when we try shoes before buying them, there are times when we end up having the uncomfortable fit. Rather than wasting time in going back again to the department store for an exchange, a good shoe stretcher is the key. Aside from that, shoes may shrink or the feet may feel pain while wearing it as time goes by. A good shoe stretcher can lessen the pain and make the shoes more comfortable to fit rather than trying to deal with the agonizing pain. This handy essential can be used with leather and suede and other materials. Shoes can be stretched depending on the material. Shoe stretchers are used to adjust the size that would fit your original size. To use this, simply insert the bunion attachment to the holes in the shoe stretcher. Insert them into the shoes and turn the handles clockwise. Leave them overnight and repeat the process if needed.

3. Layer the soles

Are you fond of using a pair of shoes almost every day? Save them from being quickly worn out with an additional layer in its soles. Adding an extra rubber sole, on top of a leather sole will protect your shoes from damage. After purchasing a new pair, ask your shoemaker to add an extra rubber sole to your shoe. Consider it as an investment for your boots and leather shoes.
There is no need to buy another pair when you have shoes that can withstand time. It does not only save you bucks from spending but it also hones your capability to do tricks and make remedy on things you can save.
We hope these handfuls of tips will help you in making your shoes not only last longer but look as good as new.

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