How to Wear Florals This Fall

October 27, 2017 Venoma 0 Comments

It is no secret that fashion trends frequently change…

They change each year, but even more frequently than that, they also change with each season.

And, as the leaves are changing and the morning air is cooling down, it is no secret that fall season is now upon us.

The mild temperatures and fun festivities that accompany fall make for one of the best seasons for fashion of the year.

And, this year’s fall fashion trends incorporate some of the best fashion trends of the year, so far – one of those being floral.

But, floral is a bold print that can leave some people a bit frightened and intimidated when it comes to determining just how they should wear it.

Don’t be afraid of it though, rather embrace it and rock one of the best looks this fall. Here are a few tips on how to rock your floral printed clothes this fall:

Try it out at the office.

An extra-long floral shirtdress is a great way to rock such a bold print at the office, while still looking work appropriate. Throw it on over some solid black pants, with some black heels, and a belt at the waist. You will look classic, elegant, and very put together. 

But, most importantly, you will look fashionable.

Rock it with a mesh top.

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, floral is a bold look…

The colorful and large flowery print can make some people feel more like their clothes are wearing them rather than that they are wearing their clothes.

But, a floral sheer mesh top is the perfect solution to this issue.

It offers a classic and elegant floral print but the sheer mesh material keeps it simple. Try throwing on a dark camisole underneath to help balance everything out and add a solid skirt on the bottom to complete your look.

Work it into your weekend-wear.

One key aspect of fall is that it is somewhat of a transitional period – typically, it is what takes us from warm months to cold months. So, most days of fall can have us feeling somewhere in between.

There will be some days you will likely find it too warm for a floral trench coat but too cool for a pair of shorts and a floral t-shirt…

So, on those days, try a floral jumpsuit. A simple, adorable floral jumpsuit is a great, comfortable look for the weekend. Throw on some simple flats or Keds and you are fully in style.

Double up and accentuate.

But, for those days where it is feeling extra chilly…

Double up on your jackets and accentuate your floral look.

Simply grab a great, light floral jacket and pick out the most prominent color in it. Next, grab a bigger jacket that is solid and is the color of the prominent color in your floral piece. Lastly, layer the two – either placing the floral jacket underneath or on top based on your personal preference.

You will stay warm, be in style, and have complimenting pieces!

Floral doesn’t have to be intimidating, you just have to know how to wear it this fall.

What is your favorite way to wear floral? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.