Kawaii Box Unboxing + GIVEAWAY

December 06, 2017 Venoma 11 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to another Kawaii box unboxing and giveaway!  I hope you are having an adorable autumn day and that you will enjoy this post! As you might know, Kawaii box is a subscription box I love very very much and I am always so happy and excited when it arrives because it's full of surprises. Now let's get to my favorite part of this post and let's start unboxing brand new Kawaii box together!

As you might already know, Kawaii box is one of the cutest subscription boxes out there. It's full with 8-12 handpicked kawaii items that arrive straight to your doorstep every month! The box for November that I received recently was packed with 8 super cute items that all arrived in a white-pink box to my doorstep with no additional taxes. Shipping is fast, packaging is adorable and this time around Kawaii team made a box content with paying special attention to fans wishes and preferences.

The biggest item in the box and the cutest one for sure is Techi Techi Gomarachi Plush - isn't this beautiful fluffy pink seal the most adorable plush? It comes in different colors as well!

Then we have Kanahei Soft String Bag - I love the velvet feel of this bag and that it's an item that I will most certainly find use for because there are always some little things looking for a storage like this in my house. I love the little bunnies on it!

Next one is Twinke Jewel Seal Deco Diamonds. I am pretty used to getting adorable sparkly stickers in almost every Kawaii box I ever got and I always look forward to them because my mom just loves putting them all over her phone case. She will be so happy to see these! Also in this box I got Gudetama Sticker Set that with bunch of interesting stickers.

Kasugai Chibi Vege Ramune Candies are a new addition to Kawaii box - definitely new experience and an unique chance for me to try this candy.

Harajuku Food Hair Clips are also a cute Kawaii item, perfect for a gift to any little girl.

Rain Boot Ink Pen is one of the most adorable little items in this box! I believe everyone would be happy to use this but because it is so adorable with that little boot top, I promised I will be giving it to my little cousin together with Let's Go Mini Notebook where she can keep track of all her thoughts and drawings. I love how these items were paired up in this box!

That is one of my favorite things about Kawaii box - I never know what I will get in it but I'm pretty sure I will love it as well as tax free treatment in my country for boxes of this size.

I hope you enjoyed the review babes and now we will move on to the most exciting part - giveaway! You can win yourself a Kawaii box for next month! All you have to do is make an entry below!

Good luck my lovelies!

Lots of love