4 Tips to Saving Money on Gifts and Treasures

January 05, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Giving gifts to your loved ones during the festive season is very fulfilling. This is because Christmas
comes but once in a year and the treasures you give to your loved ones will be remembered forever.
 And may be that’s why some folks spend beyond their means just to impress their family and friends.
As a matter of fact, most people focus on buying these gifts so much that they forget they have bills
waiting to be paid in January.
It’s actually the generosity mood that pushes people into buying stuff that they had not budgeted
for in the first place. Planning for the gifts that you want to buy can spare you from the trouble of
running into bad debts thanks to your credit card. Below are tips that can help you manage how you
spend on gifts and treasures.
1. Set a Budget
Before you buy any gift or treasure, you should take time to determine the amount of money that you
can afford to spend on any item. If you intend to buy presents for several people, you should set a
budget for every person and stick to it till you are done. If you walk into a gift shop without a budget,
you are likely to strain your pockets.

You will spot a nice jacket that goes for $90 and since you are sure your dad will look great in it,
you decide it’s worth the price. But since you don’t want your mom to think you only care about your
dad, you buy a nice dress for her. The list goes on to include your sisters, brothers, in-laws and your
spouse. You actually don’t feel the pinch when swapping the credit card. The truth will dawn on you
at the end of the day.
2. Draft a Gift List
Shopping for treasures and gifts gets easier when you are guided by a list. The list should be drafted
early enough to avoid skipping some people and including unnecessary stuff. If you will be buying
gifts for many people, you should downsize the list so that you are left with a number of people that
matches with your budget. In fact, you can set priorities between distant cousins and your siblings
or kids. This means that you should focus on rewarding those who matter the most. Remember,
you will spend less money when you have few people in your list. You can buy gifts for families
instead of buying treasures for every person. This will keep hard feelings at bay.
3. Buy Second Hand Treasures
You can spend less money on holiday gifts and treasures by buying old stuff. The advantage of
buying used items is that they cost much less than brand new items. There are people who will
appreciate old books, video games, bikes, watches and bags. However, you should ensure that they
are in good condition. If you reward your loved ones with worn out gifts or treasures, they will take it
as an insult.
4. Look for Discount Vouchers and Codes
Using discount vouchers to shop for Christmas treasures is very economical. This is because you
get to buy at slashed prices. There are actually many online stores that reward their loyal
customers with voucher codes and discount codes through websites such as
VoucherCodesPro.co.uk. These codes are normally used when you are checking off from an online
store to grant you a discount. Such bargains are common on Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Labor Day.