5 Important things to consider when building a playground

February 12, 2018 Venoma 3 Comments

Children start to develop themselves as they play with their counterparts. This is a critical stage, as
playtime will aid in developing relationships and strength, both physically and emotionally.

Communities and schools should invest in a good playground. In this case, the playground should
have special amenities that will bring children into the ground; otherwise, they will avoid it.

In this article, we will expound some essential points that you should put in mind when developing a
preferable field.

1. Location matters

Before anything else, choose a good site for the playground. At this point, you would better hire a
professional to scout the environment to see whether it is safe for children or not. For instance, if the
playground will be near a lake or river, then it would be essential to put barriers to keep children from
falling in the water body.

Rural areas do not limit the size of the field; on the other hand, urban areas restrict the size of fields
because of limited space within a town. The grounds should be accessible to the kids. Thus, it
would be great if you build it in a central locale.

2. Equipment should be safe for children

Old and faulty slides cause injuries to kids. If you need to upgrade a playground, experts should
examine the structures, and repair them if necessary.

Nevertheless, age determines whether the equipments are safe or not. Some would only be reliable
for two-year-olds and unsafe for 5-year-olds.

3. Consider Everyone

A good playground should be accessible to everyone. People with disabilities should also feel
welcomed into the facility. Builders should do this by installing smooth pathways for wheelchairs.
Sand is a suitable ground cover, but it would restrict a wheelchair to roll with ease.

No equipment within the facility should produce excessive noise. Autistic kids are a bit sensitive and
uncomfortable to too much of it; hence, they will avoid the grounds.

Adults usually accompany children into the ground to supervise them while they play. Builders
should include a resting area with enough shade where parents can rest as they monitor and interact
with others.

4. Remove Hazards

Holes and bugs within the space can reduce the safety of the park. Before you allow any access to
it, be sure that you check every part of the facility to detect holes. Remember that kids can fall into
these holes and cause injury to their body.

Install barriers to keep kids from getting lost. Companies that build these playgrounds should check
the strength of the soil before erecting any structures on them. It will help to dictate whether it can
hold the weight of the various play items within the park.

5. Hire a Professional Playground Builder

This stage is crucial because professional builders will check the background of the site before they
embark on their work. Consider the budget and employ someone who would agree to do that within
your set budget.

PDPlay.com is an excellent firm that creates a state of the art facility for your community or school.
They have professionals who install colorful play structures within the facility and ensure that
everyone is safe and secure during playtime.


Ensure that you arrange the play equipment in a manner that provokes adventure amongst the
children. Similar structures should be grouped so that children will not have a hard time looking for
their preferred swing or slide.

Guards should always be on the lookout so that parents feel safer when children play together.