5 Tips to wearing the latest trends in gothic style

August 11, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

There a lot of fashion trends in the industry for both men and women which are constantly changing.
It is fun and exciting to go along with the trends and try different looks.  Some people experiment a
little more than others and wear the latest trends in gothic style. For ideas on the gothic style, The Black Ravens can help you out. Below are also a few tips that can get you started.

1.    Incorporate leather

Leather is a classic material that has always been used in gothic style. It is bold and boosts an
individual’s confidence when incorporated into your everyday outfit. Try investing in a piece such as
a leather jacket or pants which often give a sassy, cool look. Do not overdo it though, always
remember to keep it minimal. You may achieve this by pairing your leather pants with a white or
black chiffon blouse for a clean, finished look. Apart from the clothing, you may also try some
knee-high leather boots and pair them with a short black skirt to achieve a playful and dramatic

2.    Black lace

Lace has become quite popular of late and many women are embracing it in their outfits. Lace is
light and has a feminine, delicate, touch to it. It is flirty and playful, almost like a tease. Many outfits
are done in coloured lace, which includes soft hues of pink and blue, just to name a few. To be a
little bolder and adventurous, try black lace. It will enable you to keep up with the lace trend but in
a gothic style which will definitely get you the right kind of attention.

3.    Fishnets

To add a gothic touch to any of your outfits, try fishnets. Fishnets are stockings that have a
mesh-like appearance. Black fishnet stockings can be paired with skirts or short dresses,
accompanied with some heels or platforms if you wish to push the gothic look a little further.
These fishnets can also be worn under ripped jeans which will create a flirty, stylish look.

4.    Accessories

If you do not wish to change your look but you would still like to incorporate the gothic style in your outfits, then try accessories. There is a wide range of accessories to choose from, be it rings, bracelets, necklaces, and so many more. Remember to pick items with studs and spikes since they are quite goth. For instance, pick watches with leather wristbands embellished with silver studs. Such accessories will overall complement your outfit and create a stylish goth look.

5.    Makeup

For whatever fashion trend you may be following, be it ripped jeans or off-shoulder tops, one may add the gothic touch using makeup. Smokey eyes and using eyeliner will really go a long way in creating a goth appearance. Moreover, black lipstick and nail polish will also achieve the same effect. If you are feeling a little daring you may also include some facial jewellery such as nose rings. Makeup can be a really bold statement and will help you acquire the look you desire.