5 Tips for getting white teeth fast

November 28, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

A smile can be one of your best assets. It's a great way to make a first impression on someone you

just met. There is nothing like a bright, genuine smile that can lighten up any situation, whatever the
setting is.

But not everyone is confident with their smile, especially when they don't have white teeth. There are

many reasons why a person can have teeth that are stained or darker than the average. it can be
poor dental habits or even the food that you eat. If you want white teeth in order to have a great
smile, here are some tips you can follow.

1. Brush with baking soda - baking soda has a lot of uses. It's not just an ingredient in cooking but

many also use baking soda to whiten teeth. That is because baking soda has natural whitening
properties. If you look through the ingredients in some toothpaste, you will most likely find baking
soda as one of the ingredients. You don't need to buy the toothpaste as you can actually use baking
soda by mixing about a teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of water. You can brush your
teeth with this mixture several times a week and you will see a difference in the color of your teeth.

2. Brush and floss daily - one of the best ways to get your teeth white is to have good oral hygiene

habits. It's not actually enough to just brush and floss daily, but you should be doing it after every
meal, especially when you had a meal that included foods and drinks that could stain your teeth.
Also, make sure to take some mouthwash in order to get rid of the bacteria that can cause your teeth
to have plaque. If you want to get white teeth fast, you can buy a whitening toothpaste.

3. Avoid products that can stain your teeth - there are certain foods and products that can stain

your teeth. If you love your black coffee and red wine, they are both dark liquids and would readily
stain your teeth within 30 seconds of you drinking them. It would be best if you would stay away from
them, especially when you are in a social setting. You don't want to be meeting with a friend or
acquaintance only to be embarrassed because of the stains on your teeth. If you cannot avoid it,
then just make sure to drink water alongside your other drink so that it will not stain your teeth.

4. Eat some strawberries - strawberries have an ingredient called malic acid that can make your

teeth whiter. While you can just eat strawberries, some people mix it with baking soda and brush
their teeth with the mixture.

5. Buy over the counter whitening products - aside from the tips mentioned above, one of the

most effective ways to whiten your teeth is to buy a teeth whitening kit. You'll get whitening gels and
led lights in your kit. Make sure to read the instructions provided in order to maximize the effect of
the kit on your teeth.