How To Match Your Jewellery With Your Wedding Dress

November 04, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

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If you have recently got engaged and are both now thinking about the big day with some anticipation, there is much to organise, with the wedding reception arrangements, the catering and of course, your wedding dress. When choosing your bridal gown, you should take into account the accessories you intend to use, and with that in mind, here are some tips to ensure that your jewellery looks like it belongs on that very special day.

ü  Check the Neckline - The neckline very much determines the length of a necklace and this is a main focus of the observer. Look for a necklace that sits nicely just above the neckline – remember the golden rule that the necklace should never touch or overlap the dress neckline.  If you are looking for a wedding ring, Certified Diamond Network has wedding rings Sydney couples love, with a large collection of vintage and antique wedding rings that will allow you to choose something just right.

ü  Going Strapless - Let's face it, most girls prefer the freedom of a strapless wedding dress, especially in the hot summers that Australia is known for, and in that case, you have more leeway with your choice of necklace. Something bold and elegant works well, as you have a lot of exposed skin with a strapless outfit. It is critical to have the necklace just above the neckline, otherwise you will look a little unbalanced and by consulting a jeweller, you can quickly know the ideal length of necklace for your strapless dress.

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ü  The V-Neck Design - Slightly more formal, the V-neck wedding dress calls out for a pendant necklace that hangs symmetrically, with a single stone, which could be coloured. Nothing too bold for this dress style, with an antique wedding ring and matching earrings. A classic solitaire ring would be suitable, or perhaps a halo setting. If you would like to see what is trending this year with wedding dresses, there are informative blogs that highlight the popular designs.

ü  The Straight Neckline - This is perhaps the most common dress style for a bride, which is perfectly complemented by a diamond necklace, with matching ear studs. Pearls are also a possibility, with a matching pearl necklace and earrings, which goes well with the white or crème wedding dress.

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ü  Halter Neck - Wearing a necklace might not be possible due to the extra fabric, yet your facial balance will be ensured by a pair of chandelier earrings. As there are no diamonds at the neckline, this is the ideal time to introduce a glitzy diamond bracelet, which can be sourced from an online diamond dealer.

Always ask your best friend for her honest opinion, which will give the confidence to make the right choices and there’s always the Internet if you need some jewellery inspiration. Whatever the style of dress, this will in many ways determine the scope of your jewellery and look to choose items that complement the dress. If something doesn’t feel right, resist the urge to make a decision and sleep on it, which will give you time to consider other options.