Top 3 Casual Wear Essentials for Women this Winter

November 14, 2018 Venoma 0 Comments

Every woman needs some wardrobe essentials not only for every occasion but also every weather. However, cold weather does influence to a great deal how you dress up and if you are not careful, you can end up looking bland. With winter coming up I have compiled a list of top 3 casual wear essentials for women this winter, that will spruce up your look while still keeping you warm.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans, particularly anything that comes in the darker colors such as dark blue or black, are a great bet for the cold weather. Skinny jeans are great for a casual look in which you run your errands, go to the grocery store and even go for a night out and have fun while at it. The best thing about the skinny jeans look is that it is easy to accentuate with the classic leather jacket, ballet flats, and even a pair of high boots. If you are a night party animal, throw on a drapey top and some pointy heels for a chic look.

A Cashmere Sweater
Every woman needs to have at least one cashmere sweater if not for the winter, just for the nights out. The fact that the price of cashmere sweaters has gone down means that this is an essential fashion item you have to get this winter. You can find some good quality sweaters at a good price and get to look not only chic and trendy but also keep warm. If you are interested in purchasing a cashmere sweater I would shop around for the best deal as they can be quite expensive. Shopping catalogues are a great option to get around this as many of them offer interest free credit allowing you to pay monthly for your items, spreading the cost over several months.

Wool Coat
The wool coat is a great casual fashion item that works really well for both formal and casual situations. The thing with this classic coat is that you can throw it over the casual sweater or skinny jeans and look chic in an instant. Regardless of whether you are going to the mall, the grocery store, heading out to dinner, or to the office, there nothing better than the classic wool coat.

Tall Fashion Boots
Tall over the knee and knee high boots are a great fashion item for winter given how warm they are. Tall fashion boots come in all manner of designs and looks, and you should get something for all occasions from the dressy to the casual look. However, the only caveat when it comes with winter boots is that you need to go for weatherproof items such as leather rather than suede, which could get destroyed in muddy, snowy, or wet conditions.