12 Fascinating Wedding Traditions From Around The World

February 18, 2019 Venoma 0 Comments

Image Source: Pixabay

Have you ever wondered about different wedding traditions? Whether you’re looking for something different to add to your special day, or are just interested, we’ve put together a list of unique traditions from around the globe.

Italy - Confetti

While you may know confetti as scraps of paper thrown at weddings, in Italy it stands for sugary treats like sugared almonds. The almonds are typically given to the guests as favours at the reception.

Philippines - Releasing Doves

During a traditional Filipino wedding reception, the newly married couple release two doves up into the air. This symbolises a harmonious, peaceful and long life together.

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Japan - Sake-Sharing

In a Japanese tradition called san-san-kudo, the bride a groom each take 3 sips from 3 flat sake cups. After that, the parents do the same to symbolise the bonding of the families.

Norway - Kransekake

In Norway, couples order kransekake, a tower of iced almond cake rings. The tower is commonly built over a wine bottle so that a fun treat appears as guests help themselves to pieces of the dessert.

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Germany - Log Cutting

In Germany, newly married couples put their bond to the test by sawing a log in half, together, in front of their guests. This unique tradition showcases the couple’s ability to work together facing obstacles that may come their way.

Korea - A Goose

With Korean tradition, the groom presents his new mother-in-law with wild ducks or geese. The animal represents the groom’s pure intentions as well as his loyalty to his bride.

Pakistan - Rings Of Flowers

A special Pakistani wedding tradition involves the groom wearing a ring of flowers around his neck.

Scotland - Blackening

On the day before their wedding, Scottish couples are taken out, plied with alcohol and then covered in feathers, as, flour and treacle by their nearest and dearest. The messy tradition was originally designs to ward off evil spirits and welcome good luck.

France - Croquembouche

It’s common to be served croquembouche at French wedding. It’s a delicious tower of cream-filled puffed pastry that you can dip into sweet sauces, and this is usually served instead of wedding cake. Croquembouche may be decorated with glazes, fruits and nuts, just like a cake, to make for a beautiful talking point.

Another interesting French tradition is called La Soupe. During the reception, leftovers are gathered into a bowl or the toilet and the bride and groom must eat the leftovers. Apparently, it’s good luck!

Image Source: Pixabay

Jamaica - Black Wedding Cake

Caribbean weddings often serve traditional dark cake made from rum and fruits. It’s the same type of cake that Jamaicans often serve at Christmas, and it’s very similar to traditional Christmas cake.

India - Stealing The Groom’s Shoes

As soon as the groom enters his wedding tent, he needs to bribe the sisters to return his shoes!

Kenya - Spitting On The Bride

As a newly married couple leave their village in Kenya, the bride’s father spits on his daughter’s chest and head as a way of sealing good fortune.

With so many fascinating wedding traditions, will you use any of these on your wedding day?