2019 Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

March 28, 2019 Venoma 0 Comments

Motorcycle helmets are the most important piece of protective wear a rider can invest in. Presence of a helmet reduces fatality rates by 37 percent and prevents brain injuries in 67 percent of cases. Shockingly, though, it is estimated that only 50 percent of motorcycle riders wear helmets. It’s easy to assume that the bikers riding without helmets are unwise amateur daredevils, but this may not be the case. Many motorcyclists struggle to find the right helmet, and as a result, may end up going without. Consider the tips in this guide to ensure your body and brain are protected by the right gear.

Finding the Right Helmet for Your Needs

First, you need to understand the different kinds of helmets that are on the market. The following are just a few of the options you can consider:

       Cruiser helmets
       Sport helmets
       ATV and dirt bike helmets
       UTV helmets
       Dual sport helmets
       Scooter helmets

For the typical cruiser or street rider, cruiser helmets and sport helmets are usually the respective ideal. Once you’ve selected the right style of helmet, consider the following factors:

       Size: Motorcycle helmets for women may be smaller than average, while some riders may require extra large motorcycle helmets. It’s important to take measurements and ensure that the helmet you’ll be wearing is the right size for your head.
       Features: Different motorcycle helmets offer various features such as wind reduction, attached sunshades, and communication equipment. Consider which additional features you may need for your helmet.
       Additional gear: Helmets aren’t the only safety wear you need in order to protect yourself. Body armor and boots are also must-have accessories for any motorcyclist who wants to ensure they live to ride for years to come.

Investing in the right motorcycle helmet is imperative. Finding the right style and size are the first step to making sure your bike stays on the road and your brain stays off of it.