Vintage Backpacks For Summer

May 24, 2019 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am happy yo share with you today brand new topic that I trust that all of you fashionistas will be very excited about! Today we will be checking out new trends, new ideas when it comes to fashion, new online store for you guys to check out, and much, much more! We will talk about accessories, and most of all, about bags and backpacks! If you are a devoted fashionista, keep on reading!

Today I will talk about one of the trends that has recently appeared again all over the runways of the world and our streetstyle everywhere as well. Have you also noticed all those girls carrying brown vintage backpacks? I sure have! The backpack trend has come back and is going strong lately. Last summer was the moment when this trend took up with all the straw bags and backpacks made of wood that just took off at some point. This trend is moving on to vintage looking backpacks at the moment.

As you can see on the photos in this post, I have picked out some of my personal favorites when it comes to very interesting backpack designs and vintage inspired backpacks I found at online store. These are only some of the products I liked. I would love to hear what are your favorites! I simply love backpacks with colorful details that come in different color options as well as vintage looking brown backpacks!

What do you think about this topic my lovelies? Do you use vintage backpacks in your everyday life? Do you shop for backpacks online or offline? Feel free to let me know what are your favorite designs when it comes to backpack and let me know also if you are a fan of vintage backpacks!

Lots of love,