Review: PixiBeauty Skintreats Collection

June 06, 2019 Venoma 1 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new beauty review! I am happy to share with you today my thoughts about new PixiBeauty cosmetics! Today we will talk about Pixi GLOW Glycolic Boost mask, Pixi Peel&Polish Concentrate, Pixi T-Zone Peel-Off Mask, Pixi DetoxifEYE patches and Pixi Glow Mud mask. Here we go!

First I have tried Pixi T-Zone Peel-Off mask. It comes in a green tube package filled with 45 ml of product. It is used for drawing out impurities and peeling off in order to reveal immediate results. It should refresh and refine skin. It is used 1-2 times a week or more if needed. You should apply it to your T-zone and leave it to dry, then peel off and wash off.

I was so surprised to reveal that this mask is super glowy and actually light green. It remind me of all the black masks I used before, but it's less aggressive towards my skin. It does a good job of cleaning the skin and unclogging stubborn pores on my face. It's easy to apply and peel off as well. Also it's super fun to use!

Then I have tried Pixi Peel&Polish Concentrate. It comes in a cute pink tube with 80 ml of products inside. This is actually a peeling concentrate and it's super easy to use. You apply it to your face, leave for 2 minutes and then rinse off. For stronger effect, you can massage the product in your skin for 30 seconds before rinsing off. It can also be used 2-3 times a week or more often.

I really enjoy using this concentrate. It makes my skin way cleaner and softer than when I'm not using it. It replaces a peeling mask I used to use for this purpose. Also the tube is going to last me a while soon as there's a lot of product inside.

Next I tried out Pixi Glow Mud mask that comes in a green tube filled with 45 ml of product. It is made for all skin types and is used for deep-pore-cleansing and skin-energizing. It should be used in the evening. Apply it to the face and let dry for 15 minutes, then rinse off and pat dry. This mask is actually pretty cool. I expected way more mess from a mud mask, but this one is very easy to apply and take off as well. It leaves the skin soft, hydrated and glowy.

Next I have tested out Pixi DetoxifEYE patches for under-eye area. In a cute green packaging you can find 30 patches for under-eye area soaked in hyaluronic acid and caffeine. They smooth and depuff under-eye area, aiding in reduction of dark circles as well. These patches have an adorable scent to them and are very easy to apply. You should leave them on just like a mask to do their thing. My under-eye area was really smooth, hydrated and refreshed after using these.

Last but not least Pixi GLOW Glycolic Boost mask is one of those tissue masks that make every skin care complete. It's a great thing to put on when you have 15 minutes in between other activities to dedicate to yourself and take a break. This mask will leave your skin nourished and hydrated.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful my lovelies. Let me know what do you think about new Pixi products!

Lots of love,

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  1. So many fabulous products! The peel and polish sounds especially wonderful! I need to give more Pixi items a try!