The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Perfect Look for Your Next Event

July 20, 2019 Venoma 0 Comments

When going to an event, whether it be a fancy quinceanera or a semi-casual birthday bash, we typically want to put our best attire on. With these events comes many opportunities for socialization, making it even more imperative that we dress to impress.

The problem, however, is that looking nice, from the hair on our head to the clothing on our body, can come at a cost, a cost that we may not be able to afford. Even for those who have extra money to splurge on their appearance may find it difficult to create the ultimate party-ready look.

If you’re going to be attending an event soon — whether casual or formal, small or big — it’s important that you have a clear idea of how you will tackle your appearance. If you want to be noticed for the right reasons, leave a good impression on everyone, and of course, be within the dress code for your next event, consider the following tips.

1.     Use the event’s dress code as a key clue to what you should wear.

Sometimes upon receiving an invite to an event, we might think, “I don’t know what to wear!” Although it may seem common sense to, say, dress formal or semi-formal to a wedding, the dress code of other events, like a local parade or a clambake at your neighbor’s house, may not be so obvious.

Additionally, the host of the event may choose to make their event more or less casual than usual. For instance, the dress code may be drastically different from a traditional wedding and a farmhouse wedding. Even if you’ve attended a dozen weddings, you may find yourself in a pickle when trying to dress for a more casual wedding.

The good news is, some invitations feature a written phrase or statement regarding the dress code like “Dress casual” or “Black tie preferred.” Based on these references, you can have a better understanding of whether you’re expected to wear jeans and a casual tee versus a tux or a long, glamorous gown.

2.     Scope your local discount clothing store for a nice-yet-affordable outfit.

One of the biggest financial mistakes many of us make before attending an event is spending too much on a new outfit. The more formal the event, the more we will often spend on an outfit, even though we may never wear it again after the event is over.

However, truth be told, local discount clothing stores, outlet center shops, and the like can offer great quality clothing items, sometimes even name brand items, for a fraction of the cost for their value. Many discount clothing shops even offer nice dresses, shoes, purses, accessories, and other items you may wear to a more formal event.

3.     Not sure what the temperature will entail? Layer up the clothing.

Especially for outdoor events, venues you’ve never been to before, or events that start in the daytime but end at night, it’s important to be prepared for both warm and cold temperatures. In fact, layering articles of clothing can be one of the best ways to prepare such uncertainty.

Dress coats, shawls, cardigans, and other removable articles of clothing can always be taken off and/or put back on during an event. For a piece of clothing that may not look appealing with your outfit, like a casual jacket or an old pull-over sweatshirt, you may want to leave this article of clothing in the car until if and when you really need it.

4.     Invest in nice jewelry for a fair cost.

Accessories can make an outfit truly pop. Whether you’re a male or female, adding jewelry to your look can add value, glam, and sophistication to your general appearance depending on the pieces of jewelry you opt for. The downside, however, is that jewelry can be priced way beyond our budget.

Fortunately, not all quality jewelry comes at a shocking price. Looking for adorable but affordable jewelry? Check out this hot collection from Adina’s Jewels for casual to formal accessories for your next event.

5.     Avoid cute shoes that are uncomfortable.

One of the biggest fashion decisions anyone has to make is opting between uncomfortable but fashionable shoes and comfortable but simple shoes. As one could imagine, opting for the former would likely be the wrong decision for an event, no matter how fancy and upscale it may be.

Wearing poorly-fitting, tight, or generally uncomfortable shoes even for a few hours is enough to cause short- or even long-term foot problems like blisters, a permanently damaged nail bed, foot deformities like hammertoes or bunions, and sores or marks. These are all certainly things most people wouldn’t want.

And chances are, if you do opt for those cute but uncomfortable shoes, you may not even get your money’s worth in the end. The more uncomfortable the shoes are, the more likely you will be to take them off during the event and never step foot in them again. Talk about a waste of money and a wasted opportunity to get compliments for your cute shoes.

6.     Style your hair based on the activities the event will feature.

Often, we choose to style our hair based on what’s easy or based on the formality of the event. However, what’s more, important is styling our hair based on the activities you will be engaging in during the event. Will you just be sitting down eating dinner, or will the activities of the event involve getting up and being active?

For, say, a swim party, you may want to do a simple up-do if you have long hair while you may want to go through the trouble of opting for a more complex haircut and/or style for a more formal event. The types of accessories you wear in your hair or on your head, like headbands or hats, can also be influenced by the activities involved at the event.

7.     Wear make-up? Go for long-wear and waterproof.

When appearing at a party or special event, make-up wearers will, of course, want their make-up to last as long as possible. Nobody wants their make-up fading in a couple of hours or practically melting off their face with a little sweat, heat, or tears. Whether you’re going to be indoors or outdoors, having quality make-up that lasts is important.

Especially for emotional events like weddings, funerals, and award ceremonies, it’s important to opt for waterproof make-up. Waterproof make-up can also come in handy for events where there may be water activities like swimming involved. Heavier, thicker make-up that’s considered long-wear can especially be great for those longer parties and events.

8.     Don’t do anything too drastic with your appearance.

The bigger the event, the more we will want to impress others. In turn, we may go drastic measures to look our best. For instance, we might experiment with the latest make-up trends, wear an outfit completely different from what we normally wear, or even cut and/or dye our hair differently just for a special occasion.

Of course, it’s good to try new things. However, there’s a difference between going outside of your comfort zone and taking risks. As an example, wearing eight-inch heels to a three-hour-long party when you normally never wear heels is a no-go as is dying your blonde hair black for the first time right before a big wedding.

The important thing to remember is that sometimes it’s just better to be ourselves. Trying to look like someone we’re not just for one event might put us in a position that makes us uncomfortable and self-conscious, and in turn, leave us feeling unsocial at the event we’re at. That said, don’t inch too far outside of your comfort zone right before a big event.

9.     When in doubt, wear an old outfit, and add onto it to make it “new.”

If you’re afraid to try something new or don’t have the funds and/or time to pick out a brand new outfit for your upcoming event, the easiest solution is to wear something that’s already in your closet. Although wearing an old outfit might seem boring, you can spice it up to make it seem new and exciting again.

For instance, you can amp up an old, fizzled-out article of clothing by wearing fun accessories with it; pairing it with a newer or more modern piece of clothing; or by making physical alterations to like bedazzling it, dying it, adding a patchwork design, or cutting off the legs or sleeves.


Events may come and go throughout our lives, like weddings and local gatherings, but the memories from such events never go away. For this reason among many others, it makes it important that we dress our best for these occasions to leave a lasting impression on people.

From buying a nice outfit at a discounted cost to styling your hair based on the formality of the occasion, there are numerous smart ways to ensure you create the perfect look for your next event.

Dressing for an event can be stressful; however, the best thing you can do is put your personality into your appearance to properly showcase who you are. In the end, you’ll know you’ve opted for the right look when you feel your happiest, most confident self without compromising who you really are deep down.