The essense of Lolita is the grace in the hair

July 30, 2019 Venoma 0 Comments

The Perfect Headwear is the Essence of Lolita Girl

Lolita girl is cute and she knows it. She is sweet and she knows it. This will tell you all you need to know to have that perfect Lolita look. Her thoughts converted to reality.

The transformation begins with the right choice of OP (One piece), SK (Skirt) or JSK (Jumper Skirt). Once the basic look is done, the final touch is provided by the elegantly selected KC (Katyusha or Head bow), BNT (Bonnet), or other headwears. Let's begin the Lolita journey 
Who is Lolita Girl?

Above all, Lolita girl is the image of cuteness. It takes her to the epitome of being cute. She has brought out her inner image and put it on her body. Lolita is the feeling along with the perfect dress that complements the feeling. 

It's about keeping the eternity of sweetness and cuteness forever. It is about subtle innocence. It is about being classical. It is about being gothic. Lolita girl is everything a girl wants to be. You can't go wrong with what you are wearing if you are into Lolita. You need to understand what Lolita girl are you? 

How to be the Sweet Lolita?

Sweet Lolita is a rave. This Lolita girl is all about being cute and girly. Everything she wears accentuates her sweetness. The colors are vibrant, pastel, filled with ruffles and any cute print imaginable. It has deserts, berries, flowers, and rainbows. It is almost dream-like. It's a fantasy. The colors are baby pink, purple, white, red and other fairy tale colors. She can wear JSK; she can wear bell skirts, she can wear a Kimono style Lolita dress; she can wear OP with embroidery; she can wear High waist Bowknot; she can wear dresses. It is more than just OTT as many thinks. 
Finally, the headwear completes the sweet Lolita look. She can wear decorative bands, pastel-colored hats, silk ribbon bowknots, milk sweetheart series sweet Lolita, handmade sweet pink rose Lolita. The face is accentuated by these headwears for the right sweet look. 

How to be the Classic Lolita?

Classic Lolita is the most mature of all. It focusses on elegance and subtlety. It has style and it doesn't shout loud. Classic is the line between Sweet and Gothic Lolita. The colors aren't loud and stay close to the whit, off-white area. It's no fantasy; it's not dark.  
A beautiful dress for the Classic Lolita is the Alice in Wonderland JSK Classic sling dress. The material is silk linen. The colors available are green, wine and navy blue. Another classic Lolita is Ruffles Bind Strap Classic Sleeveless Dress. Classic Lolita is inspired by the Victorian era. A-lines are preferred more than bell skirts by the classics. 
The garden series flower printed white lace pink Bonnet goes perfectly well with the classic look. This is the perfect headwear for the classic Lolita. The material is cotton and its soft pink with gentle garden print. The material and color come together to make it a classic. The head bows are small and headdresses thin. 

How to be the Gothic Lolita?

The sweet Lolita was about light colors. The Gothic Lolita is all about dark colors. It doesn't necessarily mean only black. She is not the conventional cute girl. She is the most popular Lolita girl. 

Bat Collar Long Sleeve Gothic shirt is a typical gothic Lolita girl dress. She wears bell skirts, she wears JSKs. The dresses worn by Gothics include the bell-shaped petticoats. She is mature; she is elegant and she doesn't mind showing her true self. She is bold. 

Her hair is highlighted in purple, which perhaps is the most popular Gothic color. The regular motifs are skills, dark red roses, castles, etc. She wears dark lipsticks and light blush. The headwears mostly include KC in grays and purples and include the motifs given above.  Headwear for Lolita girl

As mentioned above, the selection of headwears becomes paramount in completing the Lolita look. Headwear provides that special factor that transports a Lolita girl to how she wants to look- sweet, classic or gothic. It is like the icing on the cake. 
The selection majorly depends on three factors- colors, motifs, and size. The combination of these three factors helps you with the decision. On some occasions, it could be the material. 
For a sweet Lolita, you would want the material to have a soft touch like that of babies. Chiffon makes a good material for sweet Lolita. Silk could be another. Colors like baby pink, apricot, light blue accentuate sweetness. Light-colored headbands are perfect for sweet Lolita girls. It covers a big part of her head and makes her look more like a small innocent child. 

For a classic Lolita, you would want something like a handmade hairband. The colors have to be muted. A classic yellow is an all-time classic. It could be made of chiffon or cotton. A flower motif by the side of the hairband completes the look. KC also fits well with the classic look. Any headwear without too many frills is a classic-KC, hairband or bonnet. 
For the gothic look, the motifs have to stand out. The materials have to stand out. Headwears for gothic looks are made of leather, nettings, pearls, metals, alloys, bones, etc. The headwear is complemented by purple highlights. Gothic is all about being loud in the best fashionable way. It's not just a headwear: gothic is a statement. 
Conclusion:  The essence of the Lolita girl lies in the headwear- KC, BNT, hair Band, head Band. It just adds the style to the face. The idea is to know the colors, know the motifs and wear it to accentuate the feel created by the dress- OP, JSK, OTT, SK. The headwear makes the Lolita girl Loliable.