Where to find quality skateboard hanger

July 28, 2019 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! It's a bright summer day, ideal to be spent outside in the sun. We all choose different outdoor activities for us to do in out spare time, especially in the time of summer vacations. Recently I wrote about different options when it comes to outdoor activities in the summer and I mentioned different sports and activities such as skateboarding, driving roller skates, running, mountain climbing and so on. There are many you can choose from, but in case skateboarding is your favorite outdoor activity and you are passionate about it, then this post it for you!

Skateboarding has many advantages. First of all, it's very easy and affordable sport to practice. Pretty much anyone can get into it and enjoy it as much as the professional skateboarders. You can drive a skate almost anywhere and it also helps you connect better with nature, your community and other people that are into it. Skateboard parks are very common in all big cities around the globe. There is also a large variety of skateboards you can choose from depending on your needs and wishes.

In case you own a skateboard, or even better, multiple skateboards, you must have faced a question of storage for your beloved items. Pulling them in and out of storage room is a problem and it wastes your time. Also, what if you have some beautiful skateboards that you would like to show off or look at at all times? In that case, what you need is a skateboard hanger. I recently found out about a great product sold on Amazon that can help you with putting your skateboard nicely and safely on the wall. It's a two pack, all steel construction skateboard wall hanger. This wall hanger fits all size skateboards, longboards, water skis, guitars, normal skis, snowboards and many similar products. 

It is stable as well as sturdy. It's very easy to mount it onto a wall, with wall screws and plastic anchors that are included in the package. What's cool about it is that is totally multi-purpose. There is a non-marring soft sponge cover on it, while surface is covered with thick layer of protection and soft padding so it will never hurt your skateboard in any way. This skateboard hanger is there to help you be more organised and there will be no more tripping with flexible support for your skateboard on the wall you want it to be on. The coolest stuff about this Amazon selling skateboard holder is that there is an eighteen month guarantee on it for a full refund without questions asked in case there is any quality issue with it. Isn't that great?

Where do you keep your skateboards, roller skates or bicycles my lovelies? Do you use different storage options such as storage rooms, shelves or hangers? How do you keep them safe and sound while keeping your space organised? Feel free to let me know and share your thoughts on this topic!

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