SoLolita Wigs and Earrings

December 26, 2019 Venoma 0 Comments

Hello my babes and welcome to my new store review! Recently I've ordered some stuff from a lolita shop called SoLolita. I ordered some wigs and bracelets so we can check them out together.

First of all, we have this gorgeous blonde wig. Did you know I always wanted to be blonde? Now I can, without ever damaging my hair! How awesome is that? Find this wig here.

Blue hair trend is going pretty strong right now and I am ready to jump on that train with this luxurious blue wig. I am in love with all these layers and thickness of this wig! Find it here.

Among other items, on SoLolita you can find a wide range of lolita jewelry and some of those pretty earrings you can see on the photos above. Find more here.

When you put it all together, all items I received from SoLolita are quite great when it comes to trends and quality. I would most definitely shop there again!

Lots of love,