10 Ways To Shine In Your Yoga Pants

December 12, 2020 Venoma 0 Comments


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We all love our yoga leggings, yet you may not realise that leggings can be worn with a range of garments to create a new look. The Internet is full of fashion images to inspire and if you love yoga, here are a few ways that you can incorporate yoga pants into your wardrobe.


1.      Bleached Denim Jacket & White Sneakers - Great with an up hairdo and either your black or white yoga pants and top it off with some loud Art Deco jewellery.


2.      Cashmere Sweater - An oversized Cashmere sweater is perfect for those autumn days and paired with your yoga leggings, you have a neat, casual look. If you have the pins, why not show them?


3.      Blazer & High Heels - A chic black and white blazer, black yoga leggings and white high heel shoes give you the sophisticated look. Perfect for afternoon tea or lunch with your best friend and with womens yoga pants online from Ladybase Love, a leading Canadian yoga wear supplier, you can order a range of attractive colours.


4.      Striped T-Shirt Tucked Into Leggings - Perfect for indoor wear, you could sport a thick parka while out and about, with some ankle Adidas or Nike shoes. Vertical stripes in black and white are all the rage and with those high-waisted yoga leggings you bought online, you can show your shape.


5.      Track Suit Top & Yoga Pants - You can go for soft pastel shades that are easy on the eye with neon hairbands and a wrist sweatband for that athletic look. High basketball boots make this a casual outfit that can be worn around town and a beanie is ideal for the autumn winds.


6.      Sports Bra & Black Yoga Leggings - Dress just as you would for a yoga session, with some slip-on sandals and no make-up. Carry your gym bag and you could be on your way to the yoga studio, and let’s not forget the Aviator shades.


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7.      Long Parka & Leggings - When it is very cold outside, your favourite long parka will keep you warm and all you need is a cotton top over your sports bra and you’re good to go. If you still have your Uggs, these work well with the parka.


8.      Leather Bomber Jacket & Black Yoga Pants - Wayfarers or Aviators are a must with this female version on the Tom Cruise look, along with black trainers. This is a good time to get those clip-in hair extensions out, with a few highlights for good measure.


9.      The Winter Trench Coat & Yoga Leggings - The coat will keep you warm and with a couple of T-Shirts for good measure, that cold morning walk in the park will be comfortable. Sports shoes are optional and advised if the weather is icy.


10.  Short Leather Jacket, long Shirt & Leggings - The fifties look and with a bow in your hair, you’ll look like Olivia Newton-John. This cool, layered look demands an up hairstyle or even a beanie.


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As you can see, yoga pants can be an integral part of your wardrobe and with the best quality yoga leggings available from the online supplier, you can order a few pairs of various colours.