Deciding What to Wear - Fashion Advice for the Mature Lady

December 22, 2020 Venoma 0 Comments


Dressing your age is extremely important, and this is not something about changing your personal style. It’s all about reflecting your style in a fashion that is appropriate for your age. Know more about dressing well on this page here. Just because you are turning 40 means that you should get rid of all your skinny jeans and put them into a garage sale.

If you are only 27, no rule says that you should never go out with that sophisticated maxi shirt that you just bought for Christmas. To dress up your age means that you wear an outfit that wouldn’t cause you to look older by a decade. Many fashion trends can come and go, and you are meant to make certain changes, but this doesn’t mean that you will completely change everything about yourself.

Dressing for your 30s

-Look for dresses that are edgy but make sure that they fit your personal style. You may not want to be an urban hipster and transform into a princess outfit the next day. Becoming a chameleon is acceptable for the young. But when you are in your 30s, you may want to develop a concrete style that is fit for you and in which your friends can immediately recognize you. Know your likes and dislikes and always consult the mirror and see if an outfit looks good.

-If you want to move out of the girly stuff and become a more mature woman, you can always visit boutiques for choices. There are shops like the Snazzy Boutique that can provide you with several excellent options for your looks. Add some levels of sleek blouses and jackets to maintain a more polished look. You may want to balance the pink and white polka dots with a single color of cardigan and other accessories.

Dressing at 40

-You need to get serious when you are in your 40s. This is the right time to start mulling about clothes that don’t belong to your wardrobe and do a more refined and classic look. You need items that have higher air of sophistication, and everything should look chic.

-When you are 40, it may not mean that it’s time to go when it comes to the basic tees and jeans in your closet, though. If you could fit snugly and look classy, they are still valuable for you. If you add some chic turtlenecks and a no-nonsense blazer, then everything may fall perfectly into place. You may want to save your basic t-shirts as well and pair them with cream-colored shorts.

-It’s still possible to wear form-fitting outfits, but it’s better to skip them if they become too revealing. What many people love nowadays are those dresses and skirts that flow up to their knees. The clothing should still lend a kind of sex appeal and a subtle sexiness that many will find refreshing.

-However, instead of super short skirts that barely cover your knees, you may want to be more subtle about your dresses. You want to have curve huggers that have interesting designs, colors, details, and patterns. Instead of those low-cuts and crop tops that show your cleavage, what you need is an elegant lacy blouse that has a subtle sheerness on your mid-riffs.

Dressing in your 50s

-At age 50, everything does not have to be sugar coated anymore. You are officially old, and you need to choose clothes that will incredibly make you more beautiful. Many women in their 50s are still incredibly beautiful, but it involves skill and art to maintain the compelling look and youth that they had from their youth.

-The fact is that there’s more to maintaining one’s physical beauty at age 50. There is the confidence, wisdom, and maturity that are carefully cultivated and incorporated into one’s fashion style. What you need is to aim for a more elegant and smarter look. You should wear something that genuinely represents you, and the fashion trends may not matter anymore. Read more about cocktail dresses for women in their 50s here:

-What can best fit you are the softer or darker colors that are relaxing to the eye. Avoid the pastels and the brighter ones like shocking yellow or pink. Instead, choose stylish and sophisticated color schemes with lacy trims. It’s possible to dress in an age-appropriate manner when you are in your 50s and still look like a chick.