How To Navigate The St Lucia Airport & Get To The Shuttle Service

December 12, 2022 Venoma 0 Comments

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When going on holiday to the tropical splendor that is St Lucia, the fun doesn't begin upon landing at the airport. First, travelers must locate their baggage, navigate the international airport procedures, and find transportation to take them to their destination.


Ideally, guests will handle most of the legwork well in advance of departing for the lovely island.


When traveling outside your home country, the recommendation is to start planning roughly four weeks ahead of schedule to ensure there are no snags along the way. Then when the time gets closer, reach out to confirm all the details.


The two airports on the island are a distance from the primary hotels and resorts favored by many visitors to St Lucia. The major international airport brings visitors from flights across Europe and throughout the United States. It has a prominent location on the island's southernmost tip.


Traffic can be heavy, and the minor road designated for picking up transfer riders is hectic. Finding your airport shuttle can be confusing and overwhelming, but the company should provide you with the name and phone number to reach the driver helping to guide you through the chaos. 


Let's go through the varied stages of getting out of the airport and into the fun.


How Can A Traveler Successfully Navigate St Lucia's International Airport


The major international airport in St Lucia is hectic as any airport, with travelers trying to check in, find their baggage, look for their transfer service, and make their way to their final destination. Landing does not mean you've arrived in St. Lucia.


There are quite a few steps that need to be taken before you can say you're actually on holiday.


The small road where shuttles, taxis, and airport transfer drivers are situated is bustling. It can prove daunting maneuvering through the people, bags, and autos to try to find the vehicle that's been reserved for you.


If you haven't pre-arranged or paid ahead for transportation, the ride can take a while and deduct quite a bit from your holiday savings. For those who did book in advance, an airport transfer driver is generally situated in the lobby with a sign referencing your name to make things a bit easier.


You should also have the driver's details to make contact and designate a spot where you can catch up with each other. Click here to learn how airport shuttles and transfer services differ.


      The tarmac


Before leaving the airport, it's essential to know what to expect upon landing. In St. Lucia, where the airports are somewhat smaller than conventional airports, the passengers on the plane are released onto the tarmac.


The indication is that there are plans to update this "inconvenience," but until plans are put in motion and activity begins, you will be stepping down from the plane onto the roadway.


These can be particularly windy conditions making it necessary to make sure items are secured within your baggage, critical documents you'll need once you go inside the airport. You'll also need to dress in layers and take most of them off before exiting the plane since the temperature will be immediately warm.


      The immigration and customs stations


There are "semi-air-conditioned" immigration stations currently within the airport, making it necessary to remove any extra layers of clothing you might have on from a cooler climate.


The flight times are staggered to avoid the potential for excessively long lines. It can't be prevented when flights are delayed, however. It's recommended that everyone bring bottled water since there are no accommodations for drinks in the arid conditions.


Every family member has to provide an immigration sheet, but only one person completes the customs declaration portion. The line will move much faster if everyone has their details readily available, including their passport, flight information, and hotel.


Once finished with the process, the attendant will provide a return slip that must be kept secure since the airline will need this upon departure.



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      The baggage claim


Choosing luggage that will stand out in a crowd is wise when planning your excursion. While everyone might mock you for your choice of baggage, you will be the only person at the turnstile who can readily find their pieces with little delay.


Another helpful tidbit is to take a photo of the baggage before leaving. You can share this with the baggage clerk and others eager to assist as you search through the random stacks.


Once you have these, you'll need to go through customs which can be merely a matter of walking through. Still, it is the airline's policy that randomly individuals are chosen to be searched.


Some of the questions asked during the search process can be perceived as invasive, but it is part of the procedures and needs to be handled respectfully.


As mentioned, pre-arranged auto transfers are parked outside with a driver usually situated in the lobby with a board depicting your name. If you have a long travel time to your final destination, there is a helicopter option, but this must be pre-arranged.


Final Thought


Regardless of the mode of transportation, traveling can become stressful and overwhelming if things are not pre-arranged, and payments are not made ahead of schedule.


That's true when considering an excursion to the beautiful island of St. Lucia as well - perhaps even more so because it comprises such a small landscape.


People tend to become frustrated and stressed when an area is already diminutive and then you overcrowd it. But if you've already arranged a shuttle service with a reliable and trusted company like, your process should be seamless and straightforward.


But that will involve booking roughly four weeks ahead of your anticipated departure and confirming the details when the time to go grows close. The rest of the process will consist of formalities and looking for the driver holding the sign with your name. That's your invitation to go have fun.