Sugoi Mart Beauty Products Review

January 09, 2023 Venoma 1 Comments


Hi babes! I hope you are doing well! I am happy to lead us into the new year with something interesting and different! Recently I received a wonderful package from Sugoi Mart.

Sugoi Mart by Japan Crate is a store that brings Japan to your doorstep in the most fun way. They have pretty much everything in their offer: from beauty and care products, over snacks, candy, drinks, toys, games all the way to home products and fun theme boxes full of amazing items that are dedicated to a certain character, series or more.

What I got in my lucky box is a mix of beauty and care products from Japan. Get ready, here we go!

First product that caught my eye straight away was Maybelline x Pokemon: Pikachu Liquid Eyeliner in black. It is my favorite type of eyeliner: it looks like a sharp pencil but it's actually a lot of microfibers that give a rich long lasting color and it stays on the eye all day. I love it! 

Sakura and Rose Aromatic Essence capsules are quite new to me. These unique supplements are made from our favorite things from japan: sakura and rose! Great addition to any skin routine if you ask me.

Sailor Moon Makeup Brush set is literally THE CUTEST set of brushes you will ever see. It is a perfect thing to have and also a perfect gift for any kawaii makeup enthusiast. I fell in love with them right away. They also do pretty good when it comes to actual makeup application, but I mostly keep them on my vanity because they look soooo amazing. They also come with their little suitcase/bag so you can take them anywhere with you!

Maybelline Sailor Moon Matte liquid lipstick in milky brown is next on my review list. It is a special edition of casual Maybelline liquid lipsticks and it behaves like they usually do: comfortable on the lips, dries out, stays matte and is long lasting.

Laundrin hand cream: Sakura. Another hello from Japan is here, this time in the form of a lovely hand cream. Cute and practical packaging, nice and moisturizing cream. It's a yes from me!

Last but not least: Clio Eyeshadow Brown Choux palette, my personal favorite. It's a really good choice of shades and different textures which makes this palette complete: you have the light and dark colours, mattes and shimmers, I really love it! They are easy to apply and build. Not the most long wearing eyeshadows, but if you apply with care, it will last you all day! Huge yes from me!

That is all for this review my darlings! Make sure to check out Sugoi Mart lucky bags with Japan merch, they are so amazing. You can get stuff such as Deluxe Pokemon lucky bag, Treasure chest, Starbucks lucky bag and so much more!

Lots of love,


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  1. What an amazing way to try out beauty products from another place. I cannot get over those Sailor Moon brushes! OMG. I love Sailor Moon so so much. You are very lucky to own them. They look gorgeous. Actually, everything looks gorgeous!
    the creation of beauty is art.