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Emblem Eyewear Sunglasses

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to another review of Emblem Eyewear products! It's all about sunglasses today in my new post! I know some of you girls wear sunnies all year long and we must admit that our sunnies need to be on point even when it's snowing outside. That's why I picked out my favorites from Emblem Eyewear and I will share them with you today!

All of these models you have seen in outfit posts so far, but I wanted to make a separate post just to show you close up how good these are. I hope you'll enjoy the post!

First ones are super lady-like and super trendy and... super gorgeous! I love these Polka dot cat eye womens fashion mod super cat sunglasses and I can wear them with elegant and casually chic outfits. I love those small polka dots!

Second pair is Vintage Inspired Dapper Cross Bar Wayfarer Flash Revo Lens sunglasses and I received the most compliment to this pair on my blog posts. Everybody seems to love them! It's a redefinition of mirrored sunnies with a futuristic touch and I believe every fashionista should own a pair of these.

And last but not least these are my personal favorite out of these three pairs. A whole new and super trendy take on hipster style is something that these sunglasses will provide for you. Round Metal Revo Mirrored Lens . You can tell how much I love these gentle colors and floral details this summer. I hope you do too!

I hope you enjoyed my post lovelies! Share your thoughts!


Emblem Eyewear Sunglasses Review

Hello my darlings! I hope you are having a lovely weekend! It is time for a brand new product review! We had some jewelry product reviews (like Glamulet and Soufeel) lately but it's been a few months since we checked out and eyewear store together. I'm happy to present you with my new discovery when it comes to online shopping of sunglasses!

The store I got some lovely items for a product review last month is called Emblem Eyewear. Emblem Eyewear encourages authenticity and self expression in enthusiasts of originality everywhere. As an ever-evolving retailer and promoter of online fashion eyewear, they aim to provide the latest styles and trends in sunglasses, clear lens glasses and eyewear accessories at affordably low prices with free and international shipping.

First sunnies that caught my eye on their site are these Retro polka dot sunglasses that you can find here. I wore them in this outfit post and I love how they fit into any chic look that I wear.

Second sunglasses I fell in love with (so much that I wore them in two outfits, here and here) are these Heart shaped sunglasses that you can find here!

 And the most interesting ones are these super urban futuristic Silver one piece black bar novelty sunglasses that I will most certainly wear in one of my future outfit posts. They make an amazing reflection! You can find them here!What do you think about Emblem Eyewear dolls? What are your favorite sunglasses from their store? Do you like my picks? Share your thoughts!
Lots of love,

Wooden watch by JORD review

For me as a fashion blogger, the best part of this hobby is when I get a chance to collaborate with stores that have an unique concept and beautiful products. Among all mass production, copy-cats and overly exhausted fashion trends, it's so refreshing to find something that stands out and compliments your personal style. I was so happy when Wooden watches by Jord asked me to take a look at their amazing range of wooden watches and pick one out that I would like to review!

There are many very interesting and unique wrist watch designs on Jord's site and I took my time to check them all out and find the one that I believe matches my personality and my lifestyle.

On of my main criteria was the ability for me to match it with what I wear everyday, soon as this is my first experience with watches made out of wood. 

My final pick was this gorgeous piece from Cora series: Koa and Rose gold. You can check it out HERE. Koa wood has such a beautiful color and texture that matches rose gold so nicely that I feel I can wear this watch on special occasions as much as in my daily outfits. I feel like it adds a touch of luxury to everything I wear.

Jord watches are delivered in a neat wood box together with a watch pillow, watch extensions if needed and a cotton tissue for gentle care. I really enjoyed this unique packaging and fast shipping.

What do you think about wooden watches dolls? Did you ever wear one? Would you? Please share your thoughts!

Lots of love,

Heat Resistant Wonderlandwigs Wig Review

Hello lovelies, happy Monday to you! I know it's usually outfits on Mondays, but today I got something else just as interesting to show you! Last week I received a lovely wrapped package straight from Wonderlandwigs  with something I didn't have the chance to try out so far. Inside was a dark brown heat resistant wig named Breeze! And here's what you can read about it on Wonderlandwigs :

''Designed exclusively by our resident wig designer, Breeze is a stunning full wig made of our very own revolutionary heat resistant hair. Our high temperature heat resistant hair can withstand the highest of temperatures (230C+), we have tested it on most tongs and hair dryers and the hair styles perfectly time after time. So ladies, get your GHD's out and get styling, our Breeze wig is the perfect answer to your hair dreams!

In a gorgeous layered, flicked style, Breeze comes in a full range of beautiful natural colors to suit everyone's taste. 

Not only can you style this beautiful wig, but it is also ultra light weight and made to an exceptional standard. The quality, look and feel of this wig is outstanding. ''

And all I can say is that the description they gave is 100% accurate. You'll have a chance to see that on the pics below. :) What I personally found most interesting about this wig is that it's the same color as my natural hair and I couldn't believe how natural it loos like on me. It's one of those wigs where there is no way people can tell it's a wig unless you told them it is. I've made some pics for you using auto and also warm colors mode, so you can see how it looks ''on the sun'' and indoors :)


Warm colors:

Wig: Wonderlandwigs 
Blouse: Romwe

I love it the way it is, but it's amazing that you can actually style it as a real hair because of its ''heat resistant'' quality.  And now I can just put it on anytime I feel like I miss my natural hair color! ^^

What do you think about it dolls? Does it suit me better than red? Did you have any experiences with Wonderlandwigs  so far or any heat resistant wigs?

Until my next post,

Daniel Wellington Watch + Special offer

''The problem is, you think you have time''

The truth is, you don't. 24 hours is just not enough anymore for any of us to do everything we wanted to do in one day. We have to keep up with so many things, and yet find time to spend with our friend and family and do the things we love.

That's why it's essential for you to have a good partner when it comes to keeping track of your time. The Daniel Wellington watch can be your true friend when it comes to this. It's high quality, classy, simplified and suitable for every occasion.

I feel in love with this Classic Sheffield Lady watch. But you can see more Daniel Wellington watches for both men and women on their website . Maybe you find the right companion for yourself just like I did! And if you do, feel free to use code ''venoma'' to get 15% off the price!

Have a great Sunday!

Love you,

Fashion Eye - a real fashion game for you!

Hey dolls! Happy Wednesday! Today I prepared something very interesting and fresh for you! We will be looking at a brand new REAL fashion game called FASHION EYE! I've been a part of many fashion sites so far, a lot of them let you pick your favorite items or outfits in more or less the same way, but this game lets you stay trendy and have fun at the same time! It also challenges your fashion knowledge and keeps you up to date with latest trends straight from the runway!

The Fashion Eye game offers fashion lovers an interactive experience to discover fashion and prove they have an eye for fashion while playing with friends. Players can win online gift cards for leading brands and retailers and shop for favorite items they added to their "Luv List" during the game.

The Fashion Eye game consists of thousands of items that are hand-picked by in-house stylists and are constantly updated to match the latest trends.  All the items are categorized into different styles from which players can choose. As users play the game, specific styles and items are presented to fit their individual style preferences. Items are displayed in pairs and the challenge is to determine which one is more expensive in the shortest time possible.

The Fashion Eye game is based on unique technology developed by Fashioholic that "speaks" the language of fashion. Insights gained during the game are utilized to deliver users personalized styles and merchandise that fit their taste.

The Fashion Eye game is available for free on all iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.
Fashion Eye can be downloaded here for FREE ! Also, don't miss a chance to win a 50$ giftcard to some of your favorite stores by playing this game! :)

Fashioholic is already working on additional games that will be launched in the near future. You can follow them for updates on Facebook and Twitter!

Are you a fan of online fashion games? Did you play The Fashion Eye game before? For all of you who played it, I'd love to hear your impression! For all of you who didn't - try it and let me know what you think!

Love you,

Uniqso anime colored contact lenses / Uniqso kontaktna sociva u boji (product review)

Something absolutely fabulous landed in my mail box just few days ago - something that I wanted to try out for such a long time, something that is really hard to find in Serbia, and guess what? Uniqso made it happen for me! You wonder what it is? Yes, you can see it on the picture, you got it right - it's my new Sharingans anime circle lenses!

These circle lenses  that you see are from anime/crazy/cosplay category where you can find more awesome stuff like this. They are connected to anime, Naruto that is, to character named Sasuke (all you who are into Japanesse culture sure know about it! ;) )


Nešto аpsolutno fenomenalno je sleteo u moje poštаnsko sаnduče pre sаmo nekoliko dаnа - nešto što sаm želela odavno dа probаm, nešto što je zаistа teško nаći u Srbiji, i pogodite štа? Uniqso mi je ispunio želju! Pitаte se štа je to? Dа, možete dа ih vidite nа slici - to su moja prva sočiva u boji, crveno-crna anime Sharingans sočiva!

Ova konkretna sočiva su iz anime/crazy/cosplay kategorije, vezana za animu i mangu Naruto i lika po imenu Sasuke (zaljubljenicima u japansku kulturu neće biti potrebna dodatna objašnjenja, za ostale tu je par linkova sa wiki ;) ).

They arrived in a lovely little box, firmly sealed, together with container for lenses. After soaking them for 8h in solution for soft lenses, I took my optical lenses off and put these on. It was so much fun, tho it did take me few minutes to adjust when I put them for the first time (so just take it easy, especially if you don't have previous experiences with lenses, and everything will be ok). Here's how it looks like :)


Stigla su u slatkoj maloj kutiji, dobro zatvorena u odvojene bočice, sa sopstvenom kutijom za odlaganje. Nakon što sam ih potopila na 8h u rastvor za meka sočiva, skinula sam svoja optička i stavila ova. Bilo je tako zabavno, mada mi je prvi put trebalo par minuta da se prilagodim (dakle, polako, posebno ako nemate iskustva sa sočivima, i sve će biti ok). Evo kako izgledaju :)

They are safe to use, I had absolutely no problems with applying, no red eyes, no distubance, they are easy to put on and take off. There's a complete guide on how to use them on Uniqso site. These particular lenses, with proper care, I will be able to use for a whole year! :D


Sasvim su bezbedna za korišćenje, nisam imala nikakvih problema prilikom stavljanja, skidanja i nošenja, oči nisu suzile niti crvenele, sve je bilo sasvim ok. Tripozno jeste, ali naviknete se brzo. Za razliku od vaše okoline x) Na Uniqso sajtu imate i detaljan vodič za korišćenje obojenih sočiva. Uz odgovarajuće održavanje, ovaj par ću moći da koristim celih narednih godinu dana! :D

How do you like them lovelies? Some people were a bit scared of me with big red and black eyes ;) Also, feel free to check out their huge collection of circle lenses in regular colors or with interesting designs on Uniqso.

P.S. I am sorry if I seem a bit tired on the photos, they are no make up no photoshop close ups and I had exams these days so I didn't sleep a lot. Let me remind you of our GIVEAWAY that is going on for a few days more. Also a little cosplay idea has been sneaking up my mind lately. It would take a lot of effort to make it real, but I will see up to it in case I find some spare time. These lenses really pushed me in that direction :)
XoXo Venoma


Kako vam se dopadaju? :D Neke ljude u mojoj blizini sam malo prepala, al' neka, kažu dobro je za srce x) Takođe možete pogledati čitavu kolekciju standradnih sočiva u boji, i onih sa nešto manje drastičnim dizajnom, sve u redovnoj Uniqso ponudi.

P.S. žao mi je ako na fotkama delujem malo umorno, ispitni je rok i sigurno više od nekoliko dana nisam spavala duže od 3-4h. To će, na svu pre svega moju sreću, biti gotovo veoma brzo :) Podsetiću vas na GIVEAWAY, poklanjamo haljinu, koji je u toku još par dana. Takođe sam htela da vam kažem da mi se neka cosplay ideja vrzma po glavi ovih dana... Pa još sa ovim sočivima... Bilo bi to mnogo dobro. Ali kako zahteva mnogo vremena i truda, moraću da odložim to za neki naredni period. Ali biće najverovatnije nešto na tu temu, baš sam raspoložena za to, a uostalom, idu maskenbali. :)

XoXo Venoma