September inspiration

I don't know how you're doing, but we're having a rainy few days around here. I needed some autumn inspiration asap, and I found it on WeHeartIt. If you need some too, just scrole down and enjoy!

Hope you liked it! Share your thoughts in comments!

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Pin Up Doll

(Hair: Institute De Beaute Diktat; Make up: Aleksandar Đikić Maybelline; Top: Tally Weijl; Skirt and sunnies: Jane Doe vintage shop; Accessories: no name)

A lil' something we did few weeks ago that I wanted to share with you. I don't know if I mentioned too many times before, but I love pin up style and photography! This wasn't meant to be a regular outfit post and it's not. I finally found time to play around with these ''pin up'' themed photos we made. And you just saw the end result! :) I also realized that something I really like about myself is my transformation capability. I love wearing completely different styles and changing between few of them, sometimes even in a single day!

What do you think about this post dolls?

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OOTD: Wake me up

Hey dolls! Happy Friday! I'm not feeling so well last few days, I started studying again which means I am sleeping less and that always makes me a bit slower than usual. I'm also preparing my first dance project, I can't tell you anything about it until it happens, but I'm still so excited about it! This outfit is something I wore yesterday on a brunch with my friends. It's has a bit of new and a bit of old H&M pieces in it and also my new pair of Choies skinny jeans! Enjoy the pics!

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Wannabe Bride Photos + Contest!

Hey dolls! Remember the Wannabe Bride weekend I was telling you about in this post? Well, it's time for you to get the whole information! :) I went through full hair and make up makeover in 50s style, picked I gown I liked the most and voila! Here's a blogger wedding outfit suggestions for all wannabe brides! :) I was wearing White by Ana Stanić dress, Marry Ed shoes, make up by Maybelline, hair thanks to Institut De Beaute Diktat and also flower bouquet by Bloom Design! I've prepared some behind the scenes and on the scene photos for you, I hope you'll enjoy them!

This shooting was a part of a bigger project/contest for best fashion blogger wannabe bride style! 

Dress: White by Ana Stanić;   Shoes: Marry Ed;   Make up: Maybelline;   Hair: Institut De Beaute Diktat;   Flower bouquet: Bloom Design; Photos: Dušan Pavlović

Any thoughts lovelies? I'd love to hear them! This is my first time when it comes to wearing a wedding dress you know! xD

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August Outfit Recap

Hey dolls! My favorite month of the year, August, is already behind us. I must admit I am a little sad about it, but it was definitely time well spent! I had such a great time! Maybe that's why there were a bit less outfits on the blog than usual, but you gotta give me a lil' credit, I did reported live from H&M store opening and Wannabe bride weekend too! ^^ I apologize for still not posting photos from my trip - I promise I will try to schedule those as soon as I can. There was just so much going on! Today we're looking back on what I wore in August - please tell me all your thoughts on these outfits, I'd like to hear everything! Links to the posts are below the pics. Enjoy!

Lolita baby...

They told me, put flowers in your hair...

I don't want to miss a thing...


Love on top

Birthday girl

H&M VIP otvaranje

Black and Blue

What's your favorite lovelies? :)

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