Skechers Sport Kolekcija za Proleće (EVENT)

Početkom ove nedelje Venoma Fashion Freak tim je prisustvovao predstavljanju nove Skechers Sport Kolekcije za proleće u interesantnom prostoru Marshal Open Space-a u Cetinjskoj u Beogradu. U pitanju je inovacija od Skechersa čiji novi modeli obuće sadrže specijalnu memorijsku penu koja omogućava vrhunsku udobnost. SkechersAir obuća sa memorijskom penom je pogodna za svakodnevnicu isto kao i za sportske aktivnosti.

Na eventu smo uživali u času Hata i Aeriel joge na svili uz profesionalne instruktore, kao i u razgledanju i isprobavanju nove kolekcije Skechers obuće. Nadam se da ćemo narednim fotografijama uspeti da vam prenesemo atmosferu, kao i da ćete uživati u ovom postu!

Patike koje možete videti na mojim nogama su deo nove Skechers kolekcije sa memorijskom penom. Izuzetno su udobne, u šta možete da se uverite i sami u najbližoj radnji koja nudi Skechers obuću. Nadam se da ste uživali u današnjem postu dragi moji!

 Više informacija o novoj kolekciji:  

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5 Tips on how to look your best in your evening dress

Dressing up for a formal event takes planning and decision-making. You have to search for the perfect dress, the shoes, and the accessories. You also have to decide on the color and style of the dress. Let’s face it, looking good takes a lot of work and will take time. To help you plan for that formal event, here are a few tips on how to look your best and not be stressed.
Dress according to your body type. Knowing your body type is important, especially when choosing an evening dress, so you will end up looking your best. If the dress fits, it doesn’t immediately mean that you should go and buy it. It should also flatter the right parts of your body and draw attention away from the unflattering areas. If you know your body type, it will be easier to choose which dress you should wear and what style you should go for. Bear in mind that there are styles that are more suitable for certain body types.
Less is best. When adding accessories, always follow the rule of simplicity. Don’t accessorize too much. In the same way, don’t forego it completely. These things should just accentuate you and your dress and not overpower. Accessories can include a clutch, earrings, necklace, bracelet, pins, brooches, and rings. Big statement jewelry does make a statement but try to avoid them if your dress already has accent jewelry or beading.
Have a dress rehearsal. Once you have finalized what you’re going to wear, have a dress rehearsal. Try on your dress, wear your shoes, and put on your accessories. If you can also do your hair and makeup then that will be much better. Even while wearing an evening dress, it is still important that you can move freely and walk properly. It will show if you’re not used to walking in very high heels or if you’re uncomfortable in your dress. Having a dress rehearsal will let you see the whole picture and whether it all works out. It also lets you know where you need to be careful and if there’s anything that needs to be adjusted.
What’s underneath. Although what you wear on the outside is what people will notice, what you wear underneath can make or break your dress. Undergarments are important for this occasion so wear undergarments that will work for you and for what you’re wearing. Check yourself from all angles and see if there’s a visible panty line that doesn’t need to be there or if wearing a piece of shapewear is really necessary. For those with a heavy top, consider if you need a bra that will provide good support before you finalize your dress.
Confidence. How you carry yourself and your dress will matter. Be confident in what you’re wearing and observe proper posture. Being comfortable in what you’re wearing will positively affect your confidence.
With these tips, you’re sure to look your best and enjoy the event. If you’re still looking for evening dresses, Terani Couture might have the inspiration that you need. Check them out today and see the many different styles you could choose from. - Antivirus for Everyone

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! It is a beautiful Tuesday and I hope you are enjoying spring in your town as much as I am. It's been a while since I dedicated a post to anything technology related, so I decided to make that right with today's topic. After chatting about quite a few fashion and other helpful applications on my blog before, today we will be taking a look at something new that all of us can find useful, whether you are a PC, Mac or Android user.

Nowadays technology is everywhere and that trend is only going to continue in the future. Technology is there to make our lives easier, from smart watches and smart phones to modern systems of door locks and cars. It is everywhere and it has become a necessity in modern day life. But with technology certain risks are becoming greater. Internet and the fact that everything is connected makes you think about the security of all the information you are storing online or in your gadgets.

That's why today we will be talking about - a free antivirus for everyone that can be a solution to all your security issues. What is amazing about this antivirus is that it's compatible with pretty much everything you might be using - your android, your Mac and your PC! For example, their android antivirus app is so easy to download and use and it offers you instant protection. AVG is there to protect families and well as businesses. They offer something for everyone in their wide range of protection, performance and privacy solutions for all of their clients.

What antivirus are you using on your PC / Mac? Are you using an antivirus on your phone as well? Please share your thoughts on this topic!

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Hello my lovelies! Are you a fan of velvet sportswear this season? I've been seeing it everywhere so I decided to get myself a combo in black velvet! It's something I would wear on lazy Sunday but it's quite suitable for training as well. So oversized and comfy! Enjoy the post! 

I am wearing:
Watch: Mockberg
Top and bottom:  Zaful 
Bag: Nike
Sneakers: Oasap

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Najbolje maske za lice za proleće (VIDEO)

Uživajte u novom videu o mojim trenutno omiljenim maskama za lice!

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