So Casual

Hello my babes! Welcome to my new outfit post! Today we are doing late summer casual that you can wear pretty much everywhere. I hope you will enjoy it!

I am wearing:
Sunnies: Emblem Eyewear
Dress:  Sammydress
Heels: Bata
Bag: Zara

What do you think dolls?

Lots of love

How to Find Inspiration for Your Custom Designed Clothes

As a designer, you have probably experienced the frustration of feeling like you have literally run out of ideas…

Similar to writer’s block, you hit a creative block and feel as though your career is over.

You simply cannot come up with anything else that you think will just “wow” the fashion gurus.

But, before you throw in your drawing book and colored pencils, consider where you are looking for inspiration…

Sometimes, all it takes to get past that creative block is to look for inspiration in some of the most unsuspecting places and let the ideas come to you.

So, grab those personalized labels from Wunderlabel and get back to the drawing board.

How do you find that inspiration, though?


Obviously, the major question is where do you go for inspiration…

With clothes everywhere, how do you still look around and create something that is your own?

Start by examining the current fashion industry.

Begin by taking a look at your surroundings and ask yourself a few questions…

Which way is the industry going?

What is it missing?

How could my designs make it better?

How could I improve what is already out there?

Like several other industries, the fashion industry is always changing. Therefore, it is vital to your designs that you stay on top of the current market and the future of the market. Clever media marketing campaigns and quirky designs generate a major buzz in the fashion industry.

Determine who you are designing for.


One of the biggest mistakes designers make is picturing their clothing is a necessity for the entire world…

It would be great if everyone in the world just adored your designs but that just is not plausible.

Narrow it down and determine the specific market that you are going to design for – kids, adults, babies, elderly.

Then, you can dedicate some time to considering exactly what will make that specific market happy. Try talking to people in that demographic and grab their ideas, too – you never know, something they say might trigger your great idea for “the next big thing.”

Gather images to put your vision on paper.

This step comes in to play nicely when you are looking at the current trends – it helps to see plenty of visuals of what is already out there.

This will help you answer those questions from earlier such as “What is missing?”.

Once you have gathered images that are of interest, make a mood board. You can separate the pictures based on mood, which can eventually help you develop the different aspects of your collection.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you have given yourself the perfect atmosphere to develop new and creative ideas. Now, it is time to pull out the sketch pad…

Just go with it. Just start drawing. If you have to start over a few times, it is okay – that is what an eraser is for.

Just remember to relax – creative juices don’t flow like the Nile River in the midst of stress.

Now, grab a cup of coffee – or whatever your comfort drink is – and let your creative juices flow.

Natural Hair by

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am happy to present you today with a a brand new store that all you fashionistas will fall in love with. It's been a while since I wrote to you about online places where I search for something fancy when I want to refresh my hair, so that is what I'm about to share with you today. I hope you will enjoy it and find it useful!

The store I will be talking about today is called Beautyforever and it offers a great variety of hair products such as Brazilian curly hair. They have different products such as human hair weave, hair extensions sorted by type, weight and style, closures and frontals, but also wigs if you would just like to change your hairstyle all together in a second.

Their choice of African American hairstyles is quite wide and trendy. I also love that they are really up to date with following all the latest trend such as ombre hairstyle and many others. You can find all sort of hairs in this store such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian. Among other things, here you can find some really great 3 bundle deals. There is also a fashion section for you to check out.

I picked out a few of the products from this store that I found interesting and you can see them on the photos in this post. What do you think about this store? Do you buy products online? What are your experiences? Please share your thoughts!

Lots of love,

5 Tips to selecting the best garment steamer for your business

If you are looking for a garment steamer for heavy duty use in your business, then you surely are lucky today. With this article, you will surely be able to find and buy the best garment steamer for your business. With many best clothing steamers to choose from, here are 5 tips to selecting the garment steamer that would be perfect for your business;

1. Size of water tank

When selecting the garment steamer for your business, the very first thing that you have to consider is the water reservoir. Garment steamers can only do their magic with the help of water from its tank, thus, it would be best to buy a garment steamer that can hold a considerable amount of water in its tank. As a benchmark, a 1-liter capacity can usually steam continuously for about half an hour on regular fabric. However, If you are going to use the garment steamer for heavier fabrics such as draperies, denim and bed sheets, then a 1-liter capacity will only last for about 15 minutes. Therefore, consider buying garment steamers that can hold up to 5 liters of water in their tanks so that you can continuously steam any type of fabric.

2. Portability

A lot of people tend to forget about the mobility of the heavy duty garment steamer when doing their shopping. They only realize the hassle of moving the garment steamer once they encounter a situation requiring the moving of the garment steamer. If you don’t want to suffer from moving your garment steamer from place to place and risking damage to the garment steamer then you should definitely add the mobility or portability of the appliance on your checklist. There are heavy duty garment steamers that have wheels on them, making them very easy to move and store after use. Furthermore, there are also garment steamers that can be disassembled so that they will be more compact once you store them.

3. Power

Power is also a main issue for garment steamers, for business and professional use, garment steamers should have considerable power in order to perform faster and efficiently. You might be thinking of getting a garment steamer with a fair amount of power as more watts means more electricity consumed making your electric bill higher. While this is undoubtedly true, if you continuously use an underpowered garment steamer for your business, then it will most likely be broken sooner than you thought. Therefore, it is more economical on buying a garment steamer with more power rather than trying to save by buying an underpowered steamer. For reference, a garment steamer with 1500 watts can usually get the job done for businesses and professional use.

4. Reach and other Features

There are many garment steamers in the market filled with various features. Try to find the one that has the most useful features like an extended cord so that you can reach every part of the fabric that you are steaming. Other useful features include; automatic shut-down, built-in hangers, clips for making pleats, and LED notification settings.

5. Check reviews

Last and most important in our tips for selecting the best garment steamer is to check reviews about the garment steamer that you are trying to buy. It wouldn’t take much of your time, but the potential benefits you can have are massive and is definitely worth it. Checking reviews online will allow you to learn more about the product from real-life experiences from other users. So before you buy, do a quick background check on the product.

Red and Blue

Hello my lovelies! Happy Monday! I wish you all a great week! This is my birthday week and I'll be surrounded with my friends and family so I am pretty sure it will rock. ^^ Enjoy my latest summer outfit!

I am wearing:
Shorts: Zaful 
Bag: Gamiss
Shoes: Amiclubwear

What do you think dolls?

Lots of love