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Hi my darlings, happy Monday! I wish you all a wonderful week! April has been good to me so far and it's just flying by so fast. I hope you also had great holidays with your loved ones. Today I decided to go for a spring outfit for warmer days - I am a big fan of royal blue color and black leather skirts this season. I hope you enjoy it!

I am wearing:
Sunnies: Emblem Eyewear
Earrings: Zaful
Shirt: FashionMia
Skirt: Zaful
Bag: Gearbest
Shoes: Bata

Share your thoughts babes!

Lots of love

Flawless necklace by Onecklace

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! I am happy to share with you a new addition to my jewelry collection that I recently received.

The lovely necklace you see above came from an online store called Onecklace where you can check out a wide choice of personalized jewelry. Personalized means that you can order a necklace, earnings, bracelets or rings that can have a writing of your choice on them. There are different styles and fonts you can choose from to make a piece of jewelry for yourself or someone you love.

I picked out something I always wanted to have - Flawless necklace. You can find this style and other name necklaces here. I really enjoy its elegance and simplicity. All of their products come with a Certificate of Authenticity where you can read all about high quality metals such as gold and silver that they use to make their products.

What do you think about this kind of personalized jewelry? Feel free to let me know!

Lots of love,

Big Red Bow

Hello my lovelies and happy Monday! Last week was absolute madness and this week is obviously starting in the same manner. But I am pretty joyful about all the things that are happening in my life right now. I hope you will enjoy my new outfit and have a great week!

I am wearing:

Earrings: Zaful 
Dress: Zaful 
Sandals: Gamiss 
Bag: Gamiss 

Let me know what you think about my new outfit dolls!

Lots of love

The Top 3 Ways That Ecommerce Can Help Your Company

There have been many improvements in the business sector because of technological
advancements. E-commerce is among the many revolutionary changes that have taken place in the
business world globally. This mode of trade facilitates electronic transactions using the internet and
computer networks. There is a tremendous shift from brick stores to E-stores as most companies
strive to keep up with the current trends. Are you considering this approach? What benefits would
your business enjoy?

1. Selling Your Products Globally

E-commerce provides a broad geographical coverage compared to a physical store. In the latter
case, you will only sell to customers from your area of operation. An extensive geographic coverage
translates to an increase in the customer base, profit margin, and sales. For instance,
Better Day Store can ship its products to customers in different parts of the world. Large
geographical coverage also motivates the business to come up with new products that meet the
high and diverse demands of customers. It increases the growth margin of your business, and you
are likely to also attract new investors from across the world.

2. Reduces Business And Management Costs

Several costs are incurred when starting a business. E-commerce has helped reduce costs such as
capital and inventory management expenses. The amount of capital needed to set up a physical
store is higher than that needed to establish an online one. The number of formal document
requirements such as licenses is also minimal compared to an online store. E-commerce manages
inventory using a website system, not only making it easy to monitor your products and reduce the
management cost but also reduces fraud cases associated with possible employees’ misconduct.
Labor cost is low since you will not require a high number of workers, which translates to an easy
and efficient way of managing your employees. Reduction in some of these costs increases your
profit margins and provides room for growth.

3. Increased Customer Base From The Search Engine Visibility

Marketing is a crucial aspect of most online stores. It would be difficult to find a customer who buys a
product that he or she has not heard of before. Business people tend to create traffic by engaging
customers in a competition for discounts and giveaways. It generates traffic on your website as
more people will participate in the exercise. As a result, you attract new customers and retain the
existing ones. Constant updates and maintenance of the systems ensure that your site is
up-to-date. Customers can access your services easily, and the approach protects you from any
security threats such as hacking.

E-commerce is an excellent tool for businesses to attain their goals in a set-up full of stiff competition
and inventions. Continuous research on the existing company and customer behaviors help in
designing new approaches to meet the demand as per their tastes and preferences. It also enables
the business to remain within the competitive scope.

5 Tips for Finding a Comfortable Sleeping Bag

Every camping trip to the countryside demands a sleeping bag. The weather, the place, your own
body temperature, are the factors you must consider even before the material and the temperature
rating of your sleeping bag itself. Sleeping bags are also crucial to maintain as any wear and tear
can send you on a trip to the store to buy a new one.

If you’re tired of your old sleeping bag or buying one for the first time, here are five tips you’ll need to
find the most comfortable one for your next camping trip.

1.    Temperature Ratings

Most bags have European temperature ratings on them which are labeled as T-Comfort and T-limit.
The T-comfort is the value of the lowest temperature you should be using your bag as if you’re an
average woman. The T-limit is the value of the lowest temperature you should be using your bag in if
you’re an average man. Therefore, look for gender-specific bags that match the values of 32
degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degree Celsius.

2.    The Shape of The Bag

The shape of the bag determines the amount of warmth you’ll be packing in while sleeping in your
bag. The two common shapes of the sleeping bags are mummy and rectangular. The mummy cut
packs more warmth during a camping trip whereas rectangular one can be used for warmer
seasons. Always look for a bag with a zipper on the side so that you can cover your feet well. A
comfy sleeping bag works best here.

3.    Sleeping Pad

The sleeping pad of your bag has an R-value that determines when you can use your bag. If you like
to camp all year round, it’s crucial to choose a bag with an R-value of 3. You must look for a bag
that provides you a good warmth, has memory foam and is also light in weight.

4.    Synthetic or Down

Your sleeping bag could either offer down insulation or a synthetic one. The down insulation is
provided with the help of bird’s plumage that lies under its feathers. Thus, this amounts to the fill
power which is the number of cubic inches displaced by one ounce of down.

The highest quality of the insulation comes from a goose down. However, when buying your first
sleeping bag, go for a synthetic one as it’s more durable, lighter, less expensive, and isn’t affected
by changes in weather. The only problem with a synthetic sleeping bag is that you’ll have to change
it every few years as it loses its warmth over a period.

5.    Testing and Storage

Always try sleeping in the bag before you buy it as you’re able to check its sleeping pad and if your
feet push on its foot box. If the sleeping pad under your bag slips every time you open the zipper,
then it’s of no use. Make sure that your feet don’t push on the foot box of the bag. Otherwise, you’ll
be very cold. If you’re confused about the size of the bag, go for a bigger one.