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Hello my lovelies! I wish you all a most wonderful week and a happy Monday to start it with! I hope you are enjoying this lovely mid-May weather and sunny days. I am in love with blushed pink color and I am taking it to a whole new level in today's outfit. I hope you will enjoy it!

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Watch Out For These Engagement Ring Buying Mistakes

Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash

There are only a few things more expensive than engagement rings that you will be purchasing in your lifetime, so it’s best to be extra careful when you buy these pieces of jewellery. Since the process of selecting diamonds is also a bit complicated, it is best to know the common mistakes that people succumb to when they buy engagement rings.

Whether you are purchasing from a traditional jeweller or from an online jeweller, it would be best to keep these in mind:

1. Cut Quality

Do not be misled by the cut. Since this grading criterion is more difficult to describe compared to colour or clarity, it is usually misrepresented or some consumers simply neglect it. For example, you may be shown a number of diamonds in different cut qualities but this does not mean that these are well cut diamonds. They may, however, be the best options available at that jeweller.

Make sure you go for deeply cut diamonds. Poorly cut diamonds are common and are less expensive per carat, while well cut diamonds are fewer and more expensive per carat. For example, a 1.00 carat diamond may appear similar to a .90 carat diamond simply because it is deeply cut.

2. Clarity and Colour Grading

Seller-stated colour or clarity grade should be within 1 grade of what was appraised, according to the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines for jewellery retailers. Unfortunately, this means that jewellers can represent a G diamond as an F. This is why it is necessary to find a reputable jeweller that you can trust and who provides reliable products and after sales care services. You can check out https:/ and look at an extensive selection of trustworthy diamond engagement rings.

Once the diamond is set in a jewellery item, the clarity and colour is impossible to accurately judge. The flaws of a diamond are easily concealed under prongs. The colour can also be skewed by the reflections from the ring setting. This is why it is highly recommended that you purchase your diamonds loose since it can be better appraised and the consumer knows exactly what they are getting. In fact, diamond dealers, retailers or wholesalers avoid buying high value diamonds that are already set.

In addition, colour grading should be done in standardized environments by highly trained specialists of internationally accredited gemologists so do not accept a jeweller’s colour grade as a substitute. Only accept diamond colour grades that are issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society (AGS). For example, if you are eyeing a fancy intense pink item, you can check out its GIA colour grade rating to know that you are actually getting a credible fancy colour diamond.

3. GIA Certification

Before you purchase a diamond engagement ring, always ask for a copy of the Grading Report provided by the GIA or similar independent institutes. Avoid purchasing from anyone who cannot provide such certification. Plus, make sure that you are shown a GIA report and not just a certification prepared by a GIA-trained gemologist. A GIA certification means the diamond has been graded at the GIA, while the latter only means it has been graded by an employee of the jewellery store who has received GIA training. 

Another important details to be careful with when buying engagement rings is the GIA laser inscription, warranties and guarantees.  Ensure that the transactions are in writing.

It is always good to learn from other people’s mistakes so you would not repeat them. It will also help you in making a decision in picking the right ring for your woman.

Lace Dreams

Hello my lovelies! Are you having a lovely Monday? Here's an outfit that can be, but also doesn't have to be, a prom idea! I hope you enjoy it!

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4 Tips to Maintain Your Hair Extensions

Allowing the glorious mind of locks are only feasible for many with the aid of extensions. They be capable of instantly transform the appearance, but there's a necessity to supply ongoing attention and care to prevent difficulties with tangles or damage. Listed here are four ideas to help take proper care of extensions:

Wash lightly

For those who have just had the permanent extensions place in, you need to avoid cleansing the hair for approximately 48 hrs. This provides the extensions lots of time to fully adhere. Following this, the most well-liked shampoo to make use of is silicone-free and sulfate-free. Make certain to clean lightly and massage the roots and scalp to assist split up and take away any debris. Also, follow-track of a frequent conditioner, only make use of this around the ends since the emollients can result in the adhesion dissolving and resulting in the hair extension to drop out. Also, for that clip in extensions, the most well-liked time for you to wash is once every 6 to 8 uses, and lay on the towel to gradually air dry.

Deep condition

Using hot tools and styling products can soon start to possess a negative effect on your hair extensions, it is essential to set up convey a regular schedule of deep conditioning. This could occur once monthly leaving your hair searching shiny and healthy. Deep conditioning is really a procedure for applying a hair mask in the mid-shaft towards the tips and left in position for approximately 25 minutes to improve the moisture content.

Use low alcohol hairspray

Nature hair has the capacity to stay moisture-wealthy due to the oils within our scalp, however these skin oils aren't able to help the extensions since they're not attached straight to the scalp. To assist manage your hair and steer clear of hair searching frazzled it's useful to create your hair utilizing a hairspray. The most well-liked product ought to be low alcohol since the alternatives which are alcohol laden will definitely rapidly lift the present moisture in the extensions.

Keep extensions tangle free

Should you regularly wash your hair late at night, make certain it's left to completely dry before you go to bed. When the locks are left wet there's dangerous of tangling and breakage. You'll be able to control and steer clear of knots within the permanent and glued extensions by loosely braiding the strands before putting the mind lower. This really is impressive at maintaining your hair tangle free leaving your hair with soft waves. Also, the clip-in extensions ought to be removed during the night to prevent difficulties with breakage.

How to Get Glossy Beautiful Shiny Virgin Peruvian Hair Weave?

One of the most popular features of Peruvian hair is that it’s soft, shiny, and oh-so-beautiful. Yet as anyone who has managed unprocessed virgin hair in weaves, wigs, and other hair products already knows, that shine won’t remain glossy for too long without some personal intervention. If you want to know how to ensure that our Peruvian hair stays glossy and beautiful for as long as possible, look no further than the following tips.

Tip: Avoid excessive heat styling

One of the quickest ways to rob your unprocessed virgin hair of its natural glossiness is to use too many heat-based styling tools. Heat-based styling tools will dry out your Peruvian hair and cause it to look dingy, brittle, and can even cause breakage. Be very moderate with your heat styling use, and always apply conditioners to your hair to help combat the damage done by heat. Whenever possible, use a heat-free alternative. For example, you can straighten your hair heat-free by using curling rods or curling rags, instead of using curling irons which must apply a lot of intense heat to the hair in order to curl it.

Tip: Wash your hair right after exposure to chlorinated water

If your hair is exposed to chemicals such as chlorinated water, you need to wash it right away after you’re finished. This will help minimize the damage done by these types of chemicals, which will reduce the shine and gloss of your Peruvian hair. Chlorine can also cause discoloration and dryness, which will reduce the lifespan of your unprocessed virgin hair. If you wear Peruvian hair in the summer, you’ll need to be extra vigilant about washing off once you’ve finished your dip in the pool.

Tip: Apply moisturizing conditioners and/or moisturizing masks during your shower

Moisturizing conditioners are key to keeping your Peruvian hair weave nice and glossy. When you’re taking a shower, apply a leave-in conditioner or mask to your hair, then leave it for about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the directions. Rinse it out, and gently let your hair air dry; never rub or massage your hair with a towel, as this causes tangles, matting, and breakage.

Tip: Use leave-in conditioners or serums after your hair is dry

Another way you can ensure your Peruvian hair stays beautiful and shiny is to use leave-in conditioners or leave-in serums, which you should only apply when your hair is completely dry. These types of leave-in products will help keep the hair looking healthy and shiny, and help protect the hair from certain types of damage.

Tip: Avoid hair products with alcohol

Dry hair looks brittle and dull--and alcohol is one of the main culprits of dried out Peruvian hair. Many hair products have alcohol in them--ranging from hair sprays to gels and everything in between. Thankfully, many brands now offer alcohol-free alternatives to these products, and you should always seek out the alcohol-free versions for your hair.